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  1. Brazile Says She Considered Replacing Hillary Clinton With Joe Biden in 2016“Considered” may be doing a lot of work here.
  2. Elizabeth Warren Treating Bernie Sanders As the Leader of the Democratic PartyWarren’s comments about the 2016 primaries being “rigged” weren’t as provocative as her assertion that the party owes Sanders deference going forward.
  3. Trump and the GOP Are Running Against President Hillary ClintonNormally midterms are a referendum on the president. This president wants the focus to be on his vanquished 2016 opponent.
  4. Elizabeth Warren Agrees That the Democratic Primary Was ‘Rigged’The senator, who backed Clinton, said the DNC needs to restore confidence that the next nominee is “the candidate chosen by the people.”
  5. Longtime Clinton Ally Says DNC Rigged Primary for HillaryDonna Brazile claims Clinton bailed out a cash-strapped DNC in August 2015, and immediately gained control of the party apparatus.
  6. Jeff Zucker Slams Donna Brazile’s ‘Unethical’ Leaks to Clinton CampaignThe CNN president is reportedly pissed at the former commentator and DNC head.
  7. early and often
    Donna Brazile Leaked a Debate Question to Clinton, and Now CNN Has Dropped HerThe pundit and DNC chair said she didn’t leak any actual debate questions, but new hacked emails say otherwise.
  8. Donna Brazile Denies Sharing Town-Hall Question With Clinton CampaignShe was reportedly prepping for a discussion of her own.
  9. Gore Presidential Campaign Manager to Lieberman: ‘Payback’s a Bitch’‘But you know what, dog?’ she said. ‘What goes around comes around.’ No, seriously.