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  1. vision 2020
    Ranking the Most Influential Democratic Donors in the 2020 RaceWhose money are the presidential hopefuls gunning for?
  2. 2018 midterms
    Michael Bloomberg Just Gave $20 Million to Senate DemocratsThe billionaire’s big investment was (supposedly) inspired by his disappointment with the GOP’s handling of the Kavanaugh hearing.
  3. Democrats’ Biggest Donor Demands Candidates Pledge to Impeach TrumpTom Steyer’s litmus test could be the opening shot in the billionaire’s rumored campaign to capture Dianne Feinstein’s Senate seat.
  4. David Brock Is Ready to Monetize the ResistanceThe Clinton hit man turned ally is organizing a donor summit with the aim of building a liberal Koch Network — and/or keeping his own groups funded.
  5. GOP Megadonor Pledges $2 Million to Help Latino Voters Defeat TrumpMike Fernandez was a lifelong Republican. Now he’s donating to Latino voter-registration efforts in Florida, to help defeat the party’s 2016 nominee.
  6. Conservative Plutocrats Make Massive Investment in GOP Senate RacesTwo super-pacs designed to retain GOP Senate control took in $42 million last month, as Trump-averse donors focus their funds on the upper chamber.
  7. Democrats Are Taking Full Advantage of Our ‘Broken Campaign-Finance System’The DNC is taking in millions from maxed-out donors by exploiting a loophole in campaign-finance law.
  8. Most of the Private Citizens Sec. Clinton Met With Had Donated to Her FoundationThe AP reports that more than half of the nongovernment officials Clinton met with at the State Department had donated to the Clinton Foundation.