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  1. Conservatives Just Lost Their Favorite Part of TrumpcareThe Senate parliamentarian ruled that the GOP can’t roll back Obamacare’s regulations without 60 votes. That makes “skinny repeal” more dangerous.
  2. Finally, Doom Running on the MacBook Pro Touch BarIt was inevitable.
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    Why a Video of Someone Playing ‘Doom’ (Poorly) Became a Culture-War IssueThose damn social-justice warriors need to learn how to strafe and shoot at the same time.
  4. Sea Levels Are Rising at Their Fastest Rate in 28 CenturiesThe oceans are rising faster than at any time since before the Assyrian Empire, and it’s all our fault, scientists reported on Monday.
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    Phil Jackson Is Doomed As Knicks PresidentBecause James Dolan still owns the team.
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    A 2012 Recession Is More Likely Than NotGreat.