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  1. covid diary
    New York City Doormen Want Hazard Pay“It’s getting raw out there, raw.
  2. coronavirus
    The City’s Doormen Are on the Front Lines of the PandemicThey are deemed “essential workers.”
  3. drugs
    Doorman Extra-Jumpy Lately?Maybe he was helping the mob traffic cocaine through luxury buildings in Manhattan.
  4. issues not relevant to bloggers
    Doormen Recall Good, Bad, Delicious, Sexy TipsLike the 1991 Honda, and the near-naked photo.
  5. surprising enemies
    Hotel Doormen in Taxi Shakedown RacketThey’re forcing cabbies to pay them for the privilege of picking up fares.
  6. compromises
    Doormen and Owners Reach Agreement, Avert StrikeOver 30,000 doormen had been ready to stop work Wednesday morning.
  7. rich people problems
    Doorman Strike Would Not Be ‘End of the World’ … for the Time Being, at LeastRich peoples’ lives could be getting way tough starting Wednesday.
  8. things that do not affect bloggers
    Doormen May Soon Force Rich People to Exert Themselves SlightlyDoormen may go on strike in a couple of weeks.
  9. in other news
    $5 Million Doorman Better Watch His BackRichie Randazzo’s former colleague is jealous of his winnings.
  10. intel
    Something We All Hate in Common: Terrible DoormenSo, recently, we had a bad experience at a club. It was one of perhaps one million bad experiences we’ve had at clubs, and it got us thinking about the universality of such events. We were waiting to get into Suzie Wong for a party for which we were on the list. We even knew the people throwing it. But for some reason, the doorman wouldn’t let us in. Cell phones didn’t work inside the club, so we couldn’t reach our friends. We patiently explained the situation to the doorman, who responded with disdain and rudeness. (We’re apparently not the only people to have trouble at this club.) We decided to sit and wait politely, which is humiliating but almost always works eventually. But as time went by, and we kept getting the “We’re at capacity” excuse, even though the doorman was letting other (much more trashy, might we add) guests in ahead of us, we started getting mad. This guy may be an idiot, we thought, but surely he recognizes the face we are making. You know, the “I’m going to be patient, but you have NO idea who you are messing with” face?