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  1. Leave Steve Bannon Alone!Contrary to popular belief (and his own delusions), Bannon is far too irrelevant to bear responsibility for the GOP’s loss in Alabama.
  2. the national circus
    Frank Rich: The GOP Is About to Tumble Into Full-scale PanicRoy Moore’s loss in Alabama laid bare some brutal realities for a broken party.
  3. Republicans Rush Toward Final Tax Bill AgreementMaybe the tax agreement isn’t that tightly wrapped, but Republicans need some positive news ASAP.
  4. 7 Lessons From the Democrats’ Triumph in AlabamaThe suburbs are turning blue, black voters are turning out, and the prospects of “welfare reform” just turned grim.
  5. Jones Upsets Moore and Humiliates Trump in Deep-Red AlabamaOn the back of strong turnout from African-Americans and a superior campaign, Doug Jones pulled an upset that will echo into next year’s midterms.
  6. the national interest
    Alabama Voters to Roy Moore: F*ck You and the Horse You Rode in OnThe candidate who is Donald Trump, but more so, suffers an ominous defeat.
  7. 2018 elections
    Doug Jones’s Victory Shows Why Democrats Must Compete EverywhereAnd “you never know when a Republican candidate will turn out to be a sex criminal” isn’t the only reason.
  8. Roy Moore Spokesman Struck Utterly Speechless on Issue of Muslims in CongressIt was more like a few seconds
  9. Turnout Will Win It for Moore or Jones, But GOP Will Have a Headache Either WayIn a strange campaign where the front-runner disappeared and the polls are all over the place, turnout patterns will matter most.
  10. The Polls Agree: Jones Leads Moore by 10 — or Trails Him by 9Surveys of tomorrow’s special Senate election in Alabama are all over the place. But there’s reason for Democrats to be optimistic.
  11. Alabama Senator Makes It Clear He Didn’t Vote for Roy Moore‘When it got to the 14-year-old’s story, that was enough for me.’
  12. Roy Moore Hasn’t Won Just YetMoore has improved his position since being hit with sexual-misconduct allegations, but African-American turnout for Doug Jones could be crucial.
  13. Trump: Vote for Alleged Sexual Predator Because Nancy Pelosi Is WorseIn Roy Moore, the president seems to see a kindred spirit.
  14. Poll: 71 Percent of Alabama Republicans Think Roy Moore Allegations Are Made UpThis sounds a little like a certain election that took place in 2016.
  15. Moore Using Abortion Issue to Shame Conservatives Into Voting on December 12Roy Moore’s emphasis on the abortion issue shows the importance of a narrow band of conservative voters who may or may not go to the polls.
  16. Can Doug Jones’s Money Make Roy Moore’s Misdeeds Matter?The alleged sex predator is creeping back up in recent polls, even as his Democratic rival outspends him on TV ads by seven to one.
  17. Trump Won’t Go to Alabama to Campaign for Roy MooreTrump will tweet, but he won’t travel.
  18. politics
    Trump Tweets Further Support for Roy MooreThe president continues to think that being a generic Democrat is worse than having been accused of preying on teen girls.
  19. 10 Reasons for Liberals to Be Thankful This YearYes, the Trump nightmare continues, but there are growing signs of morning light.
  20. Trump: Vote for an Alleged Sexual Predator Because He’s Tough on CrimeThe president suggests that Roy Moore is preferable to Doug Jones because the latter is “soft on crime.”
  21. Trump Opens the Door to Campaigning for Roy MooreYou’d think the last thing Trump would do is to place himself in a position where he would have to address issues like sexual harassment and assault.
  22. Alabama’s Next Senator Could Arrive at the Worst Possible Time for the GOPLooks like the winner of Alabama’s December 12 special election could enter the Senate just in time to threaten passage of key tax and spending bills.
  23. New Doug Jones Ad Quotes Ivanka TrumpThe Democratic candidate is using Republicans’ own words in his bid to defeat Roy Moore.
  24. Kellyanne Conway Basically Tells People to Vote for Roy MooreTax cuts are more important than alleged abuse.
  25. Polls Show Roy Moore Crashing in AlabamaBut there’s still plenty of time left.
  26. Obama Is Now More Popular Than Trump in Alabama, Fox News Poll FindsAlso, Democrat Doug Jones leads Roy Moore by eight points in the race for Jeff Sessions’s old Senate seat.
  27. Trump and Alabama GOP Stick With an Embattled Roy MooreThe state GOP could have kept Moore from getting any votes, and Trump could have possibly talked him into quitting. But neither is getting in his way.
  28. Roy Moore’s Campaign Demands Accuser ‘Release the Yearbook’Moore’s lawyer argues that one of the sexual-misconduct allegations against the candidate could be false, according to a handwriting expert.
  29. New GOP Plan: Elect Roy Moore So That He Can Be ExpelledRepublicans face a rather awkward process: help to get him elected, then kick him out of the Senate.
  30. New Doug Jones Ad Is All Republicans Disgusted by Roy MooreThis is a specifically tailored strategy.
  31. The GOP Can’t Quite Bring Itself to Support an Alleged Teen RapistRepublicans have finally found a line they can’t cross – if not for ethical reasons, then for political ones.
  32. The Senators Who Have Fled Roy Moore: A Running ListOnly one GOP senator publicly remains in his camp.
  33. Mitch McConnell Says Roy Moore Should Quit Senate Race“I believe the women.”
  34. White House Advisers Create Some Distance From Roy MooreBut they left themselves an out.
  35. First Poll After Sexual-Misconduct Allegations Shows Moore, Jones Dead EvenA survey in which 82 percent of respondents indicated they’d heard about the Post story involving Moore indicated he’s damaged but not doomed.
  36. Only One Man Can Save the Alabama Senate Race for the GOPSo long as Roy Moore stays in the race, there’s only one man who could beat him as a write-in. And it’s not Luther Strange.
  37. Roy Moore’s Troubles Could Open a Door to a Democratic SenateIt’s early days, but allegations of predatory behavior by the Alabamian could reduce the GOP’s Senate margin to one vote.
  38. New Polls Show Crazy End to 2017 Elections Is PossibleThe GOP is threatening to win in newly blue Virginia, while a Democrat is doing well in deep-red Alabama. Clear lessons from 2017 may be hard to find.
  39. Democrats Have a Real Chance to Beat Roy Moore — They Should Take ItDoug Jones is trailing the lawless theocrat by single digits in the polls. Democrats have a moral and political obligation to help him close that gap.
  40. Let’s Talk About Roy Moore’s Extremism on AbortionHis views should be terrifying to voters, even in arch-conservative Alabama. Democrat Doug Jones needs to put the spotlight on them.
  41. Democrat Doug Jones Has a Slim — But Real — Chance of Upsetting Roy MooreIt will depend on convincing Alabamians that Moore will embarrass their state.
  42. Roy Moore Beats Trump’s Candidate in Alabama Senate RunoffDespite presidential and vice-presidential campaigning and massive infusions of money, appointed senator Luther Strange lost handily.
  43. Alabama GOP Senate Preview: A Strange Struggle in a Pro-Trump StateDonald Trump went to Alabama to pull his candidate across the finish line to victory in a GOP Senate runoff. But it’s not looking good for Big Luther.
  44. The Alabama Senate Race Is a Sprint to the RightIn most any other state, the richly funded Luther Strange would go after Senate runoff opponent Roy Moore as a dangerous fanatic. But not in Alabama.
  45. Judge Roy Moore Has Big Lead in First Poll for Alabama Senate RunoffLuther Strange may need all the money and all the Trump love he can get to catch up with Roy Moore, who’s winning over supporters of other candidates.
  46. Trump Fans Moore and Strange Head to a Runoff in Alabama Senate RaceAll of Mitch McConnell’s fundraising and Trump’s endorsement only won Luther Strange a second-place finish and a runoff fight with Judge Roy Moore.
  47. Alabama GOP Senate Primary Getting Strange-er After Trump InterventionAlabama GOP voters likely to vault the wheezing campaign of Trump’s endorsee Luther Strange into a runoff with the grim celebrity theocrat Roy Moore.
  48. Will Trump Jump Into Alabama’s Crazy Senate Primary?He could tap McConnell’s favorite Luther Strange or Hannity’s favorite Mo Brooks. Theocrat Roy Moore’s in the mix, too.