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  1. just asking questions
    Why Is the Fetterman-Oz Race So Freaking Close?Jonathan Tamari of the Philadelphia Inquirer on the enormous stakes of Pennsylvania’s midterms.
  2. early and often
    Dr. Oz Staged a Photo With Someone Who Lost Family Members to Gun ViolenceHe consoled a woman whose family members were killed in shootings — without disclosing she is on the campaign’s payroll.
  3. the body politic
    The Vulnerability of John FettermanInside this year’s highest-stakes Senate race.
  4. early and often
    It’s Willie Horton Season in the MidtermsRon Johnson and Mehmet Oz have clawed their ways back in the polls by blaming Democrats for violent crime and blowing racist dog whistles.
  5. politics
    Pennsylvania’s Republican Candidates Might Actually Be From New JerseyWhile Dr. Oz has been painted as a Jersey carpetbagger, Doug Mastriano was registered to vote in the state as recently as last year.
  6. 2022 midterms
    Trump Endorses Extremist Mastriano in Pennsylvania Governor’s RaceIt’s a bit awkward, since the gubernatorial candidate’s “running mate,” Kathy Barnette, is threatening Trump’s Senate candidate Dr. Oz.
  7. early and often
    Can Wild-Card Kathy Barnette Win Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate Primary?The McCormick-Oz showdown has been upended by a little-known rival. Now the Establishment and parts of Trump World are trying to stop her.
  8. 2022 midterms
    Dr. Oz Isn’t the Cure for Trump’s Endorsement WoesTrump’s support for the TV doctor in Pennsylvania’s Senate race has sparked a backlash in MAGA-land — adding to concerns about his 2022 endorsements.
  9. 2022 midterms
    Trump Endorses Oz in Pennsylvania’s Battle of the MAGA CarpetbaggersOz now has an advantage over another would-be MAGA champion, hedge-fund titan David McCormick. But the race could get ugly.
  10. magaudacity
    Has Goldman Sachs’ Dina Powell Finally Gone Too Far?She’s helping her husband, David McCormick, run a shamelessly Trumpy campaign in Pennsylvania. Some of her insider pals are appalled.
  11. politics
    The Political Life of Dr. OzHis campaign to be the next Republican senator from Pennsylvania is facing one major problem: Republicans in Pennsylvania.
  12. politics
    Dr. Oz and My ‘Aha Moment’ on Oprah’s QuackeryWith one of Oprah’s more dangerous celebrity creations running for the Senate, I can’t avoid reckoning with her penchant for promoting pseudoscience.
  13. 2022 elections
    New Jersey’s Dr. Oz to Enter Pennsylvania Senate RaceThe pseudoscience amplifier is aiming for that sweet, sweet Trump endorsement.
  14. Donald Trump Makes Surprise Reveal of His Physical Results on Dr. OzHis campaign had previously said he wouldn’t.
  15. Will Dr. Oz Ask Donald Trump How Often He Has Sex?The TV doc has promised “pointed” questions — and he has a history with that particular one.
  16. Donald Trump to Share His ‘Personal Health Regimen’ With Dr. OzThe GOP nominee will share the secrets behind his “astonishingly excellent health” with America’s most trusted physician next week.
  17. bad medicine
    Dr. Oz Stands Up for First Amendment Right to Promote False Health Claims“We will not be silenced, we will not give in,” he declares.
  18. scary things
    Dr. Oz Appeared at the Scene of a Serious Midtown Taxi AccidentA tourist lost a leg.
  19. 21 questions
    Mehmet Oz Wishes You Would Reveal More of Yourself to HimThe celebrity doctor answers our usual 21 questions.