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Dream Act

  1. supreme court
    Supreme Court to Hear DACA Cases Next TermBut the Court chose not to review an Alabama ban on the procedure used in most second-term abortions, with Thomas calling for reversal of precedents.
  2. Why the GOP Might Face More Humiliation on ImmigrationRepublican attempts to pass a bill were huge failures. But there’s always room to fail again.
  3. For House GOP, One Doomed Immigration Bill Down, One to GoThe House rejected the hard-core Goodlatte bill, and will likely kill the “compromise” bill too, which is DOA in the Senate anyway.
  4. House Democratic Leaders Rally to Defend Their Illinois HereticDoes a Democratic “big tent” really require that deep blue districts continue to elect congressmen like the right-of-center Dan Lipinski?
  5. Nancy Pelosi Shouted Down at Pro-Daca Press Conference by Pro-DACA ProtestersSome activists may be expecting too much from Democrats.
  6. the national interest
    Rand Paul Flees in Terror From Mexican ImmigrantRand Paul plus Steve King plus Dreamer equals hilarity.
  7. immigration
    Alberto Gonzales Thinks Obama May Have Overstepped on Immigration Policy The former Attorney General says he’s in favor of “helping these kids.”
  8. spontaneous outbursts of conservatism
    Reporter Who Heckled Obama for ‘Favoring Foreigners’ Is Himself Not American Why are you so self-hating, Neil Munro?
  9. manchin of la mancha
    Senator Joe Manchin Will Try to Fit Voting for Legislation Into His Busy Schedule From Now OnHe missed last weekend’s important votes to be at a “holiday gathering” with his family.
  10. early and often
    DREAM Act Fails in Senate“We’re not going to pass the DREAM Act or any other legalization program until we secure our borders.”
  11. crossing over
    DREAM DeferredThe Senate won’t vote on the DREAM Act.