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Dream Ticket

  1. early and often
    Veep Speculation Runs Rampant, With or Without Clinton and ObamaLet’s be honest, the veepstakes is the funnest part of any presidential election. It’s like drafting your fantasy baseball team, except you’re not drunk and your Internet didn’t freeze right when you were picking.
  2. early and often
    Who’s Ready to Pick a Vice-President?Clinton will run with Obama if he’ll have her, which he probably won’t, while McCain has morbid people pointing out the importance of his selection.
  3. early and often
    The So-Called Dream Ticket: Is It a Good Dream or a Bad One?Dream ticket? Dream on. That was the message delivered by Barack Obama in Mississippi yesterday when he shook off the notion — recently planted by Hillary and Bill Clinton — of a joint presidential ticket led, naturally, by Clinton. Obama characterized the suggestion as a shrewd plan meant to “hoodwink,” “bamboozle,” and “okey-doke” the voters. After putting away his Thesaurus of Funny-Sounding Words and Phrases, 3rd Edition, he then questioned how Clinton could claim he’s not qualified to be commander-in-chief and then kinda-sorta offer him the veep slot. A lot of other people have been wondering the same thing.