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  1. just asking questions
    Who’s Behind the Drone Attacks Inside Russia?Dr. Stephen Hall on how the war has come home to Moscow.
  2. on with kara swisher
    Trae Stephens on the Ethics of AI WarfareKara Swisher talks to the Anduril co-founder about autonomous weapons, the innovation lag in the defense sector, and tech as deterrence.
  3. our climate
    The Future of Reforestation Could Be in the SkyDrones are being used to replant forests, but not everyone’s convinced they’re the right solution.
  4. afghanistan
    U.S. Admits Deadly Kabul Drone Strike Was ‘Horrible Mistake’The air strike killed ten civilians, including seven children — not an ISIS-K car bomber.
  5. drone wars
    The Drone Leaker“Second Snowden” Daniel Hale exposed the machinery of America’s clandestine warfare. Why did no one seem to care?
  6. coronavirus
    Social Distancing Enforcement Drones Arrive in the U.S.Cities in New Jersey and Florida are using drones to encourage people to disperse, go home, and stay there.
  7. china
    Watch Drones Scold Civilians for Not Wearing Masks in China“The coronavirus is very serious — Run!”
  8. unsolved mysteries
    Who’s Behind Those Mystery Drone Swarms? An InvestigationA deep dive into FAA records offers a short list of suspects who have acquired the needed permits.
  9. ufos
    About Those Mystery Drone Swarms Over Colorado …It is ominous that so many robot planes can operate for so long, over so huge an area, without anyone — even the authorities — knowing what they are.
  10. 2038
    When Will My Self-Driving Car Get Here?On this week’s episode of 2038, Duke robotics expert Missy Cummings lays out the future of autonomous vehicles on the road and in the air.
  11. select all
    Facebook Drops Its Drone ProjectFacebook’s quest to beam internet to developing countries hits a snag.
  12. reasons to love new york
    A Drone’s Eye View of New YorkThe city as you’ve never seen it before — from directly overhead.
  13. select all
    The DJI Spark: An Intriguing Glimpse of What Drones Could BeA drone you can launch right from the palm of your hand.
  14. select all
    DJI Launches Spark, the Ultimate Flying Selfie StickPrices start at $499.
  15. select all
    Chubby Tigers Chasing Drones: The Latest in Diet TechnologyA great idea until the tigers pawed the drone from the air and tried to eat it.
  16. China Has Returned the Underwater Drone Snatched From the U.S.The Pentagon promises to continue to operate in the South China Sea.
  17. China’s Navy ‘Stole’ a U.S. Underwater Drone in South China SeaThe U.S. says the underwater vehicle was simply measuring ocean conditions.
  18. select all
    How Many Drones Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?Two. But you’re going to need quite a few lightbulbs.
  19. ISIS Uses Exploding Drones to Kill Kurdish TroopsThe terror group is getting better at turning store-bought drones into weapons.
  20. This New Drone Folds Up to the Size of a Water Bottle and Follows You AroundTake “dronies” all day.
  21. select all
    Mark Zuckerberg Gave the Pope a DroneIf that’s what you were planning to get Pope Francis for Christmas, you’re going to need a new plan.
  22. This British Defense Contractor Wants to ‘Grow’ DronesBe afraid.
  23. Flying Robots Descend on U.K., Carrying Toilet Paper and WhatnotPrime Air wants to deliver packages in under half an hour.
  24. This Oddly Phallic Chopper Drone Will Hover Above You and Take SelfiesDefinitely not your standard drone …
  25. Researchers at Harvard Created a Robotic Bee That’s Scarily LifelikeIt’s essentially a bee-shaped drone.
  26. This Flying Camera Follows You Around Like Your Own Little PaparazzoYou just turn it on, unfold the wings, and let it fly.
  27. A Rare Glimpse Inside Seattle’s Massive $1.3 Billion Underground HighwayThe view looks like something straight out of Star Wars.
  28. Looking Out From the Cockpit of a Drone Feels Like Riding a Roller-coasterImagine being inside a really intense video game … that’s happening in real life.
  29. Allow This Portable Drone-Watch Thing to Fulfill All Your Selfie-Taking NeedsHey, it’s better than a selfie stick.
  30. Everything You Need to Know About Facebook’s Latest World-Domination PlansThe bots are coming.
  31. This Teenager Just Won $250,000 in a Drone-Racing CompetitionHe’s 15.
  32. Twitter Imagines a Drone Controlled by TweetsWhat could go wrong?
  33. select all
    5 Early Technology Adopters Who Are Living Life Like It’s Already TomorrowFrom the family with the robot house to the guy with four virtual assistants
  34. hack the city
    Next-Generation Drones Will Save New York City’s InfrastructureThe flying robots will inspect bridges and buildings and even control disaster cleanup from the sky. We just have to get used to having them buzzing around. 
  35. drones vs. humans
    FAA to Make You Register Your DroneThe last days of drone freedom.
  36. the military
    The Drama of the Drone PapersA story about civilian casualties is also a story about the bureaucracy of secrecy. Which one will have more impact?
  37. game of drones
    Drone Pays Visit to Brooklyn Heights OfficeDon’t mind the robot hovering outside the office window.
  38. dumb things
    Drones Not Limiting Themselves to One NYC-Area Airport Less than a week after several sightings at JFK, the FAA is investigating one at Newark.
  39. A Dude Tried to Fly a Drone Outside White House (Again)Valuable lesson: Don’t fly drones near the White House. 
  40. drones
    Drone Vandalizes Kendall Jenner Billboard in SohoNot Kendall! Anyone but Kendall!
  41. Obama on Accidental Drone Deaths: ‘I Profoundly Regret What Happened’“As president and as commander-in-chief, I take full responsibility for all our counterterrorism operations.”
  42. ACLU Seeks More Transparency on Drone ‘Kill List’The American Civil Liberties Union wants the Obama administration to release information on people who have been killed by American drones.
  43. Secret Service Plans to Play with Drones in D.C.The agency takes steps to prevent another unmanned aircraft from landing on the White House lawn.
  44. attack of the drones
    Proposed FAA Rules Would Open Skies to Commercial DronesAs soon as 2017.
  45. no fly zone
    The White House Drone Crash Ruined Everything for Washington’s NerdsA software update from the drone’s manufacturer will prevent the machines from taking off in our nation’s capital. 
  46. drones
    Guy Who Crashed Drone Into White House Grounds Was DrunkDon’t drink and drone.
  47. attack of the drones
    Secret Service Can’t Protect White House From DronesMaybe a really tall fence?
  48. technology
    Drones and Everything AfterThe flying, spying, killing machines that are turning humans into superheros.
  49. the future is now
    Filmmakers Can Start Using Drones in the U.S. The FAA is expected to approve their use on film sets.
  50. crimes and misdemeanors
    Drones Not Welcome Over Serena Williams at the U.S. OpenThe NYPD is not into your quadcopter.
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