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Drug War

  1. el chapo
    El Chapo Sentenced to Life in Prison, Likely Headed to ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies’The Feds aren’t taking any chances with the known escape artist and will likely send him to a supermax prison in Colorado.
  2. el chapo
    The Last Day of the Trial of El ChapoA poll on best informant testimony; a moment of female solidarity; an appearance from the actor who plays the drug dealer on Netflix.
  3. el chapo
    The Wildest Revelations From the El Chapo TrialIncluding his diamond-encrusted guns, a nude escape through a secret tunnel, and the time he buried a man alive.
  4. trials
    Finally, Some Real Menace Enters the El Chapo CourtroomBut not from the kingpin himself.
  5. el chapo
    The El Chapo Defense: He’s No Kingpin, He’s a HenchmanPlus, a squealing underling, and other recent highlights from the trial.
  6. el chapo
    The El Chapo Trial Is Already a Movie SetThe drug kingpin takes the stage in Brooklyn.
  7. el chapo
    Everything about El Chapo’s trial is a secretThe trial for El Chapo starts Monday. But will Brooklyn Bridge be closed every time he’s shuttled across? Everyone who knows is sworn to secrecy.
  8. foreign policy
    Trump Invites Philippine President Duterte to White HouseThe surprise move seems like an endorsement of Duterte’s brutal drug war, which has led to the extrajudicial murders of thousands.
  9. Duterte Wants to Expand His Deadly Drug War to 9-Year-OldsHuman-rights groups are opposed to the idea, which is being floated at a time when thousands of drug users are being murdered.
  10. people who shouldn’t be in jail
    Justice Department Will Release 6,000 Nonviolent Drug Convicts Late This MonthGreat news for the many real-life versions of Empire’s Cookie Lyon.
  11. race
    The Black Activists Who Helped Launch the Drug War“According to the black silent majority, white liberals, from their privileged perch within the racial order, suffered from ideological vainglory and a class-based myopia.” 
  12. tunnels
    El Chapo’s Tunnel Was Probably Really ExpensiveMillions of dollars expensive.
  13. oops
    Mexico’s Biggest Drug Lord Escapes From PrisonAfter breaking out via a mile-long tunnel, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is on the loose, again.
  14. drug war
    Mexican Drug Lord Joaquín Guzmán Captured He escaped prison in 2001.
  15. not neighborhood news
    Mexico Finds Floating Marijuana, Anonymous Fights Drug Lords [Updated]The drug war just got a lot weirder.
  16. international intrigue
    It’s No Longer Safe to Be a Mayor in Northern MexicoFour mayors have been killed in just over a month and ten have been killed this year.