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Drug Wars

  1. crime
    FBI Snooped on Criminals Using Encrypted Messaging AppThe operation, which the FBI and Australian Federal Police have been running for nearly three years, led to hundreds of arrests across 18 countries.
  2. drug wars
    House Votes to Decriminalize WeedIt was a symbolic vote mostly support by Democrats, but there’s no question the momentum is in favor of legal cannabis in Congress and in the states.
  3. El Chapo Is Extradited to the United StatesThe drug kingpin is headed to New York, but not through a tunnel.
  4. marijuana
    Pot-Possession Consequences Take a HitConnecticut decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana.
  5. drug wars
    Drug Cartels’ Get-Out-of-Jail Strategy: Wrapping Pot in Images of Homer Simpson¡Ay, caramba!
  6. international intrigue
    Hillary Clinton Calls Mexican Drug Cartels an InsurgencyThe Obama administration is suddenly singing a different tune about the drug wars.