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Drunk Driving

  1. crime
    Don’t Drink and Drive, and Definitely Don’t Drink and Drive and Livestream ItA Long Island man was arrested for allegedly doing just that.
  2. oops
    Drunk Woman Picked the Wrong Place to Mistake for a Bar A jail.
  3. very sad things
    Drunk Man Accidentally Runs Over Friend Who Refused a Ride HomeAwful.
  4. new york’s finest
    NYPD Bro With ‘Gunman2’ Vanity Plate Busted for Drunk DrivingAt least he didn’t shoot anybody.
  5. florida man
    Florida Lawmaker Arrested After Allegedly Drunken Taco Bell RunIt happens.
  6. crimes and misdemeanors
    Daughter of Drunk-Driving Victim Not Moved by YouTube ApologyThe Internet confessor had his day in court today.
  7. crimes and misdemeanors
    New York Public Library President Drove Backward DrunkThat’s an aggravated DWI.
  8. stupid crime of the day
    Former President of Local Mother’s Against Drunk Driving Arrested for … Well, GuessDrunk driving!
  9. new york’s finest
    What It Takes to Get a Cop FiredIt’s not impossible to get fired, but it does take some work.
  10. the sports section
    Jayson Williams Hospitalized After FDR CrashThe former Nets star may have been drinking before driving, police say.
  11. early and often
    High Noon for Vito Fossella?It’s all over for the Staten Island congressman. At least, the tabloids say so.
  12. in other news
    Vito Fossella Adds ‘Mystery Woman’ to His List of ProblemsThe New York congressman called a blonde female friend the night of his drunk-driving arrest last week instead of a family member or nearby co-worker, raising eyebrows.
  13. early and often
    Representative Vito Fossella Arrested on Drunk-Driving ChargesEarly this morning, the Staten Island congressman was pulled over in Virginia. He’ll appear in court on May 12.