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Drunk People

  1. Uber to Drunk Riders: Here, Play With a Bop It! Instead of Attacking Your DriverThey can also twist it, pull it, and pass it if they’d like. 
  2. drunk people
    The Giants Won on Sunday Because Casey Put Sparkles on Her NailsAlso, because she wore her Clay Matthews jersey instead of her Aaron Rodgers jersey.
  3. puppies!!!!!!
    Drunk People Are Buying Adorable Puppies They Won’t Want in Five HoursTwo West Village pet stores located near bars have been forced to enact bans on puppy purchases by drunks.
  4. stupid crime of the day
    Why Doesn’t Stuff Like This Ever Happen When We’re in the Library?A dude busted for drinking vodka in the Greenpoint branch went nuts earlier this week.
  5. the sports section
    Drunk-Driving Joba Doesn’t Care for New Yorkers’ Road EtiquetteKeep an eye out for those batteries, Joba!
  6. bridge and tunnel
    FIT Girls Were Seduced by Undercover Officers Claiming Large WangsThe FIT students arrested for dealing coke in December claim they are not at fault.
  7. crazytown
    FIT Giggly Coke Girls Achieve the ImpossibleThey turn drug dealing into a nonprofit enterprise.
  8. neighborhood watch
    Half Quarter of All Subway Deaths Were of Drunk PeopleJust when you thought you were drinking responsibly by taking mass transit.