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  1. Donald Trump Jr. Discusses ‘New Ideas’ With Dubai Business PartnerThe Trump Organization promised not to make any new foreign deals while Donald Trump was president. Its friends in the UAE don’t seem to buy that.
  2. the urbanist
    Where to Find Quiet in Chaotic CitiesThe global quest for a little peace in loud places.
  3. awful things
    Dubai Airliner Crashes in Russia, Killing All 62 AboardThe plane nosedived into the ground and exploded while attempting to land in poor weather in the city of Rostov-on-Don.
  4. Could the Dubai Skyscraper Fire Happen in New York?We asked our local investigators.
  5. fires
    No Casualties Reported in Massive Dubai Skyscraper Fire The photos are pretty crazy.
  6. monuments to excess
    Burj Dubai, Tallest Building in the World, Opens TodaySo how’s the view?
  7. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Will Always Have DubaiThere’s one mistress, at least, that is sticking by him.
  8. sand traps
    Dubai: Bowed, But Not BrokenDubai has stabilized, but they probably won’t be building any luxury underwater resorts anytime soon.
  9. the seventh borough
    United Arab Emirates Bans Paper for Running Funny PhotoshopHow seriously can we take Dubai if they pout about an everyday News Corp. Photoshop of their leader?
  10. relics of the boom
    The End of the World Is Upon Us“The World has been canceled.”
  11. the greatest depression
    Bye-Bye, DubaiPeople who moved to the Emirates to escape the financial crisis are having second thoughts.
  12. it just happened
    How Much Is a Shopping Spree at Barneys? About $825 Million As expected, Barneys was sold today for $825 million. The high-end clothing store was purchased by Istithmar, an investment arm (weirdly) of the government of Dubai. Jones Apparel bought the chain in 2000 for $400 million. Dubai also invests in Loehmann’s, Perella Weinberg Partners, 230 Park Avenue, 280 Park Avenue, and 6 Times Square. Barneys is Sold for $825 Million [NYT]
  13. gossipmonger
    Anonygossip Terrifies Hamptons!The society column in The Southampton Press is now anonymously written, and some East Enders are worried. Danielle Steel plans to write a novel based on her ex-husband’s boating incident in France, which left a French doctor dead. Sharon Stone is scheduled to emcee an AIDS benefit at the Dubai International Film Festival, despite the fact that the city has a bad track record on dealing with homosexuals and AIDS victims. Vanessa Minnillo may star in a reality show, though the Lohan knife pictures may be an issue. Peter Beard likes to take Polaroids of topless models. The Olsen twins sold pictures from their 21st-birthday party for $300,000. Paul McCartney performed a surprise show at the HighLine Ballroom with his “almost boy band.” Eli Manning dumped beer on teammate Shaun O’Hara at his 30th-birthday party.