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    Google Duplex Still Cant Get Its Disclosure RightGoogle said Duplex, its AI system that makes phone calls for you, would disclose it is a robot at the start of all calls. It’s not doing quite that.
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    Google’s Phone Robot Is ‘Not Trying to Trick People’The company is starting to test its AI calling system, Duplex, with limited users and businesses this summer.
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    Google’s Sleight of Hand Does Duplex No FavorsFor questionable tech, transparency is the best policy.
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    Google Duplex Makes Your Life Easier by Making It More Difficult for OthersA system designed to mask interacting with a computer should be scrutinized, not celebrated.
  5. unreal estate
    Swindler’s Fire Sale on Brooke Astor’s Park Avenue DuplexFrom $46 million down to the “high teens.”