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  1. Former MSNBC Host Dylan Ratigan Launches Bid for Congress“Let’s face it: the political class is screwing ordinary people,” he wrote on his website.
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    Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC With Big, Vague PlansIt sort of sounds like he wants to run for office.
  3. 21 questions
    Dylan Ratigan Is a Violent ChefThe MSNBC host fills out our trademark questionnaire.
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    Talk Box: Texas Governor Not Impressed With GM’s IPORick Perry thinks private-sector acquisitions would have absorbed job loss if the government allowed GM to go under.
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    Talk Box: Sorry, Dems, Obama’s Daily Show Stint Wasn’t About Helping YouSome TV pundits see the appearance as an early start to Team Obama’s 2012 campaign.
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    Dylan Ratigan Got His Job Just Like Every Other Person in MediaBy sucking up to his friend’s dad.
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    Dylan Ratigan Is Looking to SellHis condo, that is!
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    Craig Anthony Miller Will Probably Not Become a Republican Rallying HeroThe man who dramatically confronted Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania yesterday isn’t quite ready for prime time.
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    Madonna Hires Gwyneth As Her New DecoratorBecause now Gwyneth does everything that previously required the handling of experts.
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    Can Jennifer Aniston Just Date Bradley Cooper Already?Finally, America’s Single Sweetheart sets her sights on a guy we actually WANT her to date.
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    Mary J. Blige Is, Frankly, Quite a Good TipperPlus, the rest of today’s hot gossip.
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    CNBC Monkeys Beginning to Seriously Rattle the CageDylan Ratigan, a popular CNBC host, may be out at the financial-news network.
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    Five Things Moe Tkacik Is Sick of Hearing on CNBCSince being laid off, writer Moe Tkacik has had all the time in the world to wallow in coverage of the economic crisis. And there are a few things that are pissing her off.
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    Oprah Will Eat Ellen DeGeneres for BreakfastMEDIA • CNBC’s Dylan Ratigan proposes a toast at the anniversary of his show Fast Money: “Here’s to destroying … well, ‘destroying Fox’ is what I was going to say, to be totally honest about it. And I was going to say something even more profane than that except there’s press in the room.” [Mixed Media/Portfolio] • Oprah Winfrey won’t stand for Ellen taking her place as America’s favorite TV personality. The Queen of Talk announced plans to start her own network. And what’s it called? OWN: The Oprah Winfrey Network. Which is only appropriate for a woman worth upwards of $2.5 billion. [HuffPo, NYP] • Will the Academy Awards suffer the same fate as the Golden Globes? WGA president Patric Verrone confirmed the guild has no plans to give the Oscars a pass if the strike hasn’t been settled, and it’s still unclear whether the Screen Actors Guild will cross picket lines to attend the awards. [B&C]