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    Why Does It Feel Like Amazon Is Making Itself Worse?The “everything store” has gotten junkier and more chaotic. But, for the company, it’s only good business.
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    The Labyrinthian Hell of the Prime Day InterfaceEven during its marquee sales event, Amazon’s website is nearly unusable.
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    Amazon Shoppers Would Buy Amazon-Brand Computers, Health Care, and WeedNot only are people increasingly happy to buy everything through Amazon, they’d be okay with Amazon making everything, as well.
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    Can Amazon Compete in India When It Can’t Act Like a Monopoly?New policies in India will make it much harder for foreign behemoths like Amazon and Walmart to throw their weight around.
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    Amazon Is an Infrastructure Company. The HQ2 Bids Were Reconnaissance.Amazon has morphed from a retailer to an infrastructure company. The data in the HQ2 bids it solicited could guide the next steps in its evolution.
  6. Maybe the ‘Gig Economy’ Has Not Arrived — YetNew data indicates the old system of classifying employees as employees persists, despite Lyft and Uber.
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    Instagram Is Trying to Make It Easier to Buy Things in the AppSome users can now link their accounts to a credit card.
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    Supreme Court to Hear Argument for Collecting Online Sales TaxThe justices will revisit a 25-year-old ruling.
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    You Can Finally Buy Snapchat Spectacles OnlineNo more tracking down a mysterious vending machine.