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  1. technology
    Unable to Avoid Bias, Gmail Stops Using Gender in Its Automated RepliesGmail attempted to automate the drudgery of email, and accidentally automated decades of gender discrimination in the process.
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    If You Use PGP, You Should Probably StopSwitch to a different encryption scheme for the time being.
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    White House Staffer Reportedly Left Encrypted Email Password at a Bus StopWhoops!
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    Google’s Plan to Transform Email Is Deeply FlawedGoogle wants to change how you read email. It’s a bad idea.
  5. Self-Described ‘Real Indian’ Offers Abrasive Challenge to Elizabeth WarrenRepublicans who dislike Warren have a new champion in Shiva Ayyadurai, a Trump fan whose attacks on Warren as a “fake Indian” are relentless.
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    The Only Reason to Still Use Yahoo Is for Your GarbageYahoo confirms it’s for garbage email only.
  7. Hillary Clinton’s Tech Guy Seems to Have Asked Reddit How to Be SneakyThe House Benghazi Committee is already looking into the claims.
  8. Leaked DNC Email: ‘Eat My Butt’WikiLeaks blows the election wide open.
  9. Reply-All-pocalypse Hits 90,000 Wells Fargo RecipientsDon’t reply-all to 90,000 people.
  10. early and often
    Clinton Aides Interviewed in FBI Email ProbeClinton herself is likely to be interviewed “in the coming weeks.”
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    Why Nobody Can Build an Email KillerWe don’t invest in new open standards, specifications, and protocols of the kind that made email the dominant method of communication online.
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    Everyone Hates Email — Because It WorksEmail isn’t bad. It just reflects our badness back to us.
  13. Jeb Bush Is Apparently Emailing With Twitter WeirdosJeb prefers original turkey jerky on the campaign trail.
  14. Is Email Dying?A crop of tech products, like Slack, promise to tame your inbox and save you time. 
  15. you’ve got hacked
    Why Rich, Famous, and Old People Need to Ditch Their AOL E-mailsThey’re easy to hack.
  16. end of privacy
    Senate Forgot to Include a Provision, Can Still Read Your E-mailsBut your Netflix queue is safe.
  17. the dark ages
    The Real Reason the Economy Isn’t RecoveringE-mail problems!
  18. Update: Times Subscribers Spammed in E-mail ScrewupAll the News That’s Fit to Spam.
  19. the future is coming
    Did Facebook Just Announce the End of E-mail As We Know It?Mark Zuckerberg expands his reach. Again.
  20. the future is coming
    Facebook to Destroy Gmail in 3 … 2 ... 1Facebook comes to bury Gmail, not to praise it.
  21. the future is coming
    Google Knows Which E-mails You Really Want to ReadA new Gmail feature.
  22. oh albany!
    State Senators NOT Taking Off Until 2015An e-mail glitch with hilarious/depressing consequences.
  23. the internet age
    Fed Flamed Bank of America CEO in E-mails, Threatened to Have Him FiredYOU ARE TRASHIN’ MY SCENE!
  24. things that are wonderful
    Undo Send: The E-mail Recall That WorksGoogle introduces a solution to a common problem. Can they fix the economy next?
  25. scenes from a meltdown
    Madison Avenue Types Wishing on ‘Chinese Proverb’A chain e-mail is gaining traction among an unlikely group of Manhattanites.
  26. early and often
    Tennessee Student’s Apartment Searched in Hunt for Palin E-Mail HackerDavid Kernell, the son of Tennessee State Representative Mike Kernell, is the focus of the FBI investigation.
  27. early and often
    Are Feds Closing In on Palin E-Mail Hacker?That’s what some trails left behind in the incident suggest. And it was apparently super easy, too!
  28. it just happened
    Was Governor Sarah Palin’s Personal Yahoo E-mail Hacked?We’re still waiting for confirmation, but it appears that someone busted into Sarah Palin’s highly protected personal in-box.
  29. intel
    ‘Thursday Styles’ Today: Let’s Talk About Sex, BabySo apparently there’s a new etiquette problem facing New York’s Stylish class: People have become too willing to talk about porn in public, and sometimes their offhand pornversations can be embarrassing to their friends and loved ones. These people talk about porn as though it’s socially acceptable (maybe it is?) — and in a mere two days you’ll be able to learn all about them in the “Thursday Styles” section of the Times. How do we know this? Because a few folks here, and several people we know elsewhere, received an unsolicited, self-promotional mass e-mail from a certain “Styles” reporter looking for sources to talk on the subject, with a near-immediate deadline of tomorrow. In a subsequent “Thursday Styles,” by the way, we suspect you might learn about the new trend of reporters scooping their own work by e-mailing a good chunk of their competition about it. But that’s just a hunch. Style [NYT]
  30. gossipmonger
    Back and to the LeftA new book by Salon.com founder David Talbot claims that the JFK assassination was the joint work of the CIA and the Mafia. Philadelphia TV reporter Alycia Lane mistakenly sent risqué e-mails intended for NFL Network anchor Rich Eisen to his wife. Pete Wentz wants his new East Village bar, Angels and Kings, to be a place where people can have sex in the bathroom. A lot of bankers can no longer expense meals at Hawaiian Tropic Zone. Alec Baldwin skipped the premiere of his new movie to go to Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. Good move: The screening — of a movie in which he plays an estranged father after a messy divorce — would have been awkward. Penélope Cruz bought the wait staff at the Waverly Inn a round of shots. Rosie O’Donnell dropped a subtle hint that she may be headed to CBS. Boy George was arrested in London for keeping some guy chained to his wall. Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields gambled together in Vegas.
  31. intel
    It’s Hard Out Here for a Public-Radio Fund-raiserIt’s not easy soliciting money for a good cause, and, indeed, a recent e-mail exchange among execs at WNYC, New York’s public-radio station, exposes the delicate art of not-for-profit fund-raising. Under discussion was a press release to announce a fund-raising campaign for the station’s new Varick Street headquarters. The first draft of the release lacked a statement from Dawn Greene, widow of philanthropist Jerome Greene, whose $6 million gift was the largest ever made to a public-radio station. “Why not include a quote from Dawn?” wonders Laura Walker, WNYC’s president and CEO, in a leaked e-mail. “[It would] allow someone else to say nice things about us.”
  32. the in-box
    In the Mailbag: I Want to Be a Producer!Here’s what landed in our in-box today, as reality-TV finally begins to eat itself: My name is Danielle and I am the casting producer for Magical Elves which does Project Runway, Project Greenlight, Last Comic Standing, Top Chef ect [sic]. We are doing a new show described below looking for the best producers nationwide to compete for a huge prize. Please read the show description below and let me know if you would ever be interested in trying out for something like this or if you know anyone that would be great! If so, please send me your resume, a picture, and your current contact information. Thanks! AMERICA’S NEXT PRODUCER Think you have what it takes to be the next Jerry Bruckheimer, James Brooks, JJ Abrams or Mark Burnett? Then we want to hear from you!
  33. intel
    New E-mail Service Tips You to the Hip Products of YesteryearVery Short List is the latest entry in the daily-email-tip-sheet sector, yet another competitor for DailyCandy (for former sorority girls), Thrillist (for former frat boys), UrbanDaddy (for slightly more refined former frat boys), and the like. What’s the VSL* niche? Sophistication. It “points to excellent entertainment, media, and other cultural things you may not know about because they haven’t been hyped to within an inch of their lives,” the introductory e-mail explained. Herewith, four of those rarefied bits of undiscovered genius the cultural spelunkers at VSL have been diligent enough to suss out in the six workdays since the service’s public launch: • The Hill, a reality show airing on the Sundance Channel. • Preston Struges: The Filmmaker’s Collection, seven classic films released from 1940 to 1944. • Police Squad, a television show from 1982. • The Conformist, a Bertolucci film from 1970. We can’t tell you how pleased we are they’re letting us in on these secrets. * VSL’s creators include New York contributors Kurt Andersen and Simon Dumenco, plus several other guys we know. Very Short List [Official site]
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    Looking for Love on a Listserv (Or, in All the Wrong Places)We’re all familiar with the almighty alumni listerv — that source of mild e-mailed irritation, delivering a steady stream of requests for apartment leads, neighborhood advice, and, inevitably from a onetime rush chair, attendance at a really! fun! drinks night. For j-school alumni — like, say, those who attended Northwestern University’s Medill — that standard stew is further flavored with discussions of journalism ethics and occasional pleas for help finding sources. Which is why an inquiry to that list yesterday stood out: From: Mandy Stadtmiller Date: Nov 1, 2006 2:35 PM Subject: Looking for love in NYC, okay on the apt situation To: [MedillNY listserv] Any leads send them my way — thanks! Mandy Stadtmiller BSJ ‘97 Was Stadtmiller — a features writer at the Post — really using her alumni list as a no-fee Nerve personals? (Online dating is sexy; online dating with journalists is sexier?) Or was this maybe — please! — just a gimmick for a story?