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Early And Often 2012

  1. early and often 2012
    Mitt in His Own Words: On Gaffes and True LoveMitt Romney appeared on Hugh Hewitt’s talk show and reminded everyone that he made a pun once.
  2. early and often 2012
    Santorum’s Turn to Gaffe: Pick Obama Over Romney That’s a moment the former Pennsylvania senator would probably prefer to Etch A Sketch away.
  3. early and often 2012
    Etch A Sketch Stock Rose 200 Percent Today; Romney Advisor Now Touting Hasbro“Etch A Sketch stock is up? Psst, I’ll mention Mr. Potato Head next.”
  4. early and often 2012
    Ron Paul on Leno: Code Names and a Brokered ConventionRon Paul chats with Jay Leno about his potential Secret Service name and a brokered convention.
  5. early and often 2012
    Mitt Romney Wins Big in Illinois [Updated]Surprise! Mitt Romney wins the Illinois primary.
  6. early and often 2012
    Michelle: Barack ‘Always Upbeat About Congress’Michelle Obama talked to David Letterman about John Boehner.
  7. early and often 2012
    Karen Santorum Talks Women’s Rights With Piers MorganKaren Santorum chatted with Piers Morgan about her husband’s belly and contraception.
  8. early and often 2012
    Mitt Can Run, But Not Hide, From Social IssuesMitt Romney doesn’t want to talk about much besides the economy.
  9. early and often 2012
    Romney Wins Big in Puerto Rico Victory for Romney; failure for Santorum’s khaki shorts.
  10. Santorum Sweeps Alabama, Mississippi [Updated]So much for cheesy grits.
  11. approval ratings
    Gas Prices Up, Obama’s Approval Rating Way DownBad news bears for Barry Obama.
  12. rich people problems
    Romney’s Donors Say the Darndest Things Like this billionaire hedge-fund manager who says the super-rich have an “insufficient influence” on national politics.
  13. BlackBerry Loses Its Base: Hill StaffersHas Obama’s favorite gadget reached its twilight year?
  14. early and often 2012
    Romney’s Camp Is Scouting ObamaMitt Romney has one eye on his Republican challengers and the other on Obama.
  15. how do you solve a problem like santorum
    Dan Savage Threatens to Re-Define Rick Santorum’s First Name, Too“And if there’s crying … “