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  1. congress
    Much-Maligned Congressional Earmarks Are Coming BackThe Tea Party movement temporarily killed them — but only temporarily.
  2. president trump
    Trump Nostalgic for the Swamp’s Favorite Fuel, EarmarksWhy not bring back the little political trophies pols love so much? It’s not like Trump was serious about “draining the swamp.”
  3. old friends
    At Long Last, John McCain Has Won the Battle of the EarmarksLast night Obama vowed to veto any bills with earmarks, which is what McCain has been saying for years.
  4. oh congress!
    GOP Immediately Regrets Decision to Ban EarmarksRepublicans are just now wondering how they’re going to pay for projects in their states.
  5. cable news
    Talk Box: McConnell’s Earmark Flip Encourages at Least One LiberalBut Rachel Maddow is happy to point out his George W. Bush problem.
  6. tea time
    Tea Party Senators Get Their First VictoryThe GOP looks set to enact a self-imposed earmark ban.
  7. earmarks
    Boehner Refuses to Rule Out Earmarks“It will not be business as usual here in Washington, D.C.”
  8. earmarks
    House Democrats Vote to Block Earmarks to Private IndustryRepublicans will hold intra-party vote on the issue Thursday.
  9. the cotton state cockblock
    We Give Senator Richard Shelby’s Blanket Hold on Federal Nominees the Catchy Name It RequiresIf the Cotton State Cockblock makes it into textbooks, we’ll die happy.
  10. early and often
    Who Cares About Earmarks?A lot of people! But should they?