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  1. zuck bucks
    Facebook Will No Longer Say How Healthy Facebook IsInstead, the company will report aggregated metrics for its overall “family” of services
  2. business
    Apple Has Completely Changed Up How It Reports iPhone Sales. Why?The world has changed a lot in the past ten years. The company has to find new ways to brag.
  3. how screwed is this bank?
    How Screwed Is This Bank?: JPMorgan Chase/Wells Fargo EditionOur new earnings series.
  4. citi of dreams
    Citigroup CEO Would Rather Not Know What Failure of His Bank Would Look LikeWhy dwell on the negative?
  5. the future is coming
    Apple’s Face-Melting Revenues Come With a Note of Caution(Lots) mo’ money, (a few) mo’ problems.
  6. earnings
    Morgan Stanley Posts Disappointing EarningsThe firm reports a net loss of 67 percent.
  7. citi of dreams
    Citigroup Earnings Beat Expectations!Of course, expectations weren’t very high to begin with.
  8. managing expectations
    JPMorgan Will Try to Do Better Next TimeQuarterly earnings of $4.8 billion are not enough to please CEO Jamie Dimon.