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  1. A Recap of the Great American Solar EclipseInstagram is inundated, and even Donald Trump dons a pair of special glasses.
  2. earth
    NASA Releases New Photo of This Year’s Sexiest Planet Alive: EarthIt’s the first complete photo of our planet taken since 1972. 
  3. obesity
    The People of Earth Are 17 Million Tons OverweightThey could stand to shed a few. 
  4. intergalactic planetary
    Two Asteroids Just Flew Past Earth Closer Than the MoonWe all lived!
  5. navigation
    Which Way Is Magnetic North?The location of magnetic north is shifting at a rate of 40 miles per year.
  6. the final frontier
    It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s the First Private Spaceship Launched Into OrbitOne small step for private spaceships. One big leap for Elon Musk’s dream of colonizing Mars.
  7. weird science
    Did Life on Earth Start With a Zombie Virus From Outer Space?Necropanspermia explains it all.
  8. interplanetary gifts
    On Display Tonight: The Year’s Best Meteor ShowerPlanets will align! Stars will shoot!