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  1. haiti
    Death Toll From Earthquake in Haiti Approaches 2,000Almost 10,000 more have been injured, as the nation faces intense rainfall from Tropical Storm Grace.
  2. natural disasters
    Powerful Earthquake Strikes Japan, the Second in Two DaysThe 7.3-magnitude quake rocked the area outside Kumamoto just a day after nine people died from a 6.2-magnitude tremor.
  3. earthquake!
    Get Ready for an Earthquake, NASA Tells L.A.There’s a 99 percent chance it’ll hit by 2018.
  4. earthquake!
    A Big Earthquake Hit Northern California This MorningFires, power outages, and significant road damage have been reported. 
  5. earthquake!
    Los Angeles Got a Bigger Earthquake on Friday NightA 5.1-magnitude shaker hit at 9:09 p.m.
  6. earthquake!
    Our Earthquake Scale Is a DisasterThose numbers don’t mean what you think they mean. 
  7. other cities
    There Was an Earthquake in Los Angeles This MorningIn case you missed it.
  8. more scary things
    New Jersey Had a Little Earthquake TodayDon’t panic.
  9. quake zone
    New Zealand City Hit by Second Major Quake Since February4.7-scale quake in Christchurch.
  10. i feel the earth move under my feet
    Two ‘Dictionary-Sized’ Marble Chunks Removed From Washington MonumentDislodged during last month’s earthquake.
  11. preparedness
    Are You Prepared for an Emergency?The answer may surprise you.
  12. i feel the earth move under my feet
    The Earthquake Bride Speaks“I couldn’t reach him. I was so worried!”
  13. i feel the earth move under my feet
    Orangutan at National Zoo Began ‘Belch Vocalizing’ Just Before the EarthquakeNice!
  14. the internet
    Paul Krugman Kind of Pissed That People Keep Impersonating Him OnlineHe DOES NOT wish the earthquake had been worse.
  15. i feel the earth move under my feet
    Do Not Call in Case of EmergencyCell service in the wake of today’s earthquake was not confidence-inspiring.
  16. i feel the earth move under my feet
    Yes, That Was Just an Earthquake You Felt [Updated]Whoa.
  17. japan
    The Departed: An Exodus of Expats Draws Scorn in JapanIs leaving Japan for safer ground an act of betrayal?
  18. manifest destiny
    Japan Is Pretty Creeped Out That You’re Trying to Adopt Its Orphans AlreadyEspecially when you make special requests.
  19. puppies!!!!!!
    Heroic Doggie Won’t Leave Injured Pal in Earthquake DebrisJapanese puppies!
  20. japan
    ‘The 50’ Work to Prevent a Nuclear Catastrophe in Japan [Updated]As radiation levels soar, only 50 workers remain at the troubled plant.
  21. japan
    Radiation Levels Rise, Long-Term Danger Looms After Third Explosion Hits Nuclear Plant in JapanNew worries over spent fuel rods.
  22. japan
    Is Japan Covering Up a Radiation Leak?Signs point to yes.
  23. pentagon
    No More Stupid Cat Videos at the Department of DefenseAnd Japan is to blame.
  24. japan
    Melting Fuel Rods in Three Reactors Raise Fear of Nuclear Disaster in JapanCatastrophic problems at the Fukushima Daiichi plant.
  25. tsunami
    Explosion at Damaged Japanese Nuclear Power Plant [Updated]Mounting pressure in the nuclear reactor.
  26. tsunami
    Japan Earned Its Tsunami-Preparedness BadgeAnd how!
  27. tsunami
    All the Craziest Tsunami Videos in Just Two MinutesJapanese geologists are calling this “the big one.”
  28. tsunami
    Biggest-Ever Japanese Earthquake Prompts Tsunami Warnings Throughout Pacific [Updated]The country that gave us the word ‘tsunami’ gets hit with a big one.
  29. new zealand
    New Zealand Hit by Major Quake [Updated]The quake was followed by a 5.1 magnitude aftershock.
  30. earthquake!
    D.C. Hit With Tiny Earthquake: Who Is Responsible?FOXNews may have some ideas.
  31. earthquake!
    Massive Earthquake Hits HaitiThis country seriously can’t catch a break.
  32. earthquake!
    Another Earthquake Hits Indonesia, Death Toll Climbs Above 500Just as hospitals and airports were reopening after yesterday’s disaster, another struck.
  33. earthquake!
    Samoan Tsunami Claims Dozens of Lives89 are reported dead, with more expected to be reported.
  34. earthquake!
    Magnitude 7.9 Earthquake in SamoaTsunami warnings are being issued across the Western and Southern Pacific.