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    This Is How You Make Money TradingIt’s not about being right. It’s about being right when everyone else is wrong.
  2. what we know
    Central Morocco Devastated by Rare, Powerful EarthquakeAt least 1,000 people were killed by the M6.8 quake, which struck near Marrakech late Friday night.
  3. what we know
    Death Toll in Turkey and Syria Rises to More Than 11,000: UpdatesThe powerful earthquakes have flattened thousands of buildings in the region, and the death toll continues to mount.
  4. puerto rico
    Puerto Rico Is Recovering, But the Earthquakes Keep ComingMore than 1,400 earthquakes have hit the island in the past few weeks, leaving thousands homeless.
  5. the sports section
    Mexico’s World Cup Goal Caused Man-Made EarthquakeMexico City literally trembled during Mexico’s stunning upset win over Germany on Sunday.
  6. Magnitude 8.1 Earthquake Hits MexicoThe epicenter was located around 102 miles off the coast of Tapachula in Chiapas.
  7. natural disasters
    Up to 30 People Missing After Avalanche Destroys Hotel in ItalyEarthquakes triggered the disaster, which consumed a mountainside hotel where many are trapped and feared dead.
  8. awful things
    Scores Dead After Undersea Earthquake Strikes IndonesiaThere is no danger of a tsunami.
  9. The Environment
    Significant Oklahoma Earthquake Rattles Central U.S.No injuries have been reported, but the quake was likely man-made — a byproduct of the state’s oil and natural-gas industry.
  10. awful things
    Powerful Earthquake Kills Scores in EcuadorThe quake devastated the country’s coastal communities and has killed at least 233 people, and the death toll is expected to rise.
  11. scary things
    7 Million Americans at Risk From Man-Made EarthquakesDue to oil and gas drilling processes.
  12. Earthquake Strikes off Indonesian CoastResidents have been warned to steer clear of the waterfront.
  13. awful things
    Earthquake in Taiwan Leaves at Least 14 Dead, More Than 150 MissingA 17-story residential building collapsed while hundreds were still inside.
  14. not ok!
    Oklahoma Now No. 1 in EarthquakesThanks, fracking!
  15. gallery
    A Nepalese Photographer Captures Quake AftermathA survivor is also a documentarian.
  16. Nepal’s Prime Minister Warns That Earthquake Death Toll Could Reach 10,000The millions of people affected by the quake are getting impatient for help.
  17. At Least 3,800 Dead After Nepal Earthquake“The morgues are getting totally full.”
  18. disasters
    Earthquake in Nepal Kills More Than 2,500 [Updated]The 7.8-magnitude quake struck just 50 miles from Kathmandu.
  19. earthquake!
    A Big Earthquake Hit Northern California This MorningFires, power outages, and significant road damage have been reported. 
  20. very sad things
    6.5-Magnitude Earthquake Kills at Least 367 People in China [Updated]It was the strongest tremor to hit the Yunnan province in 14 years. 
  21. scary things
    Massive Earthquake Off the Coast of Chile Sparks TsunamiKilling at least five people.
  22. earthquakes
    Chinese Earthquake Caps Off Worst Week EverReally, it’s enough.
  23. earthquakes
    7.2 Earthquake Rattles Eastern Turkey [Updated]Buildings toppled, deaths feared.
  24. i feel the earth move under my feet
    The Earthquake Bride Speaks“I couldn’t reach him. I was so worried!”
  25. earthquakes
    6.7-Magnitude Earthquake Shakes JapanA tsunami warning has already been canceled.
  26. japan
    Japan’s Death Toll Rises to Nearly 14,000Another 14,030 people are still missing.
  27. japan
    Another Quake Shakes Up JapanThis time, in the city of Iwaki.
  28. tsunami
    7.4-Magnitude 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Off Coast of JapanWorkers were evacuated from the plagued Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.
  29. japan
    Japan Shaken by 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake, Small Tsunami Alert Issued [Updated]There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries.
  30. sleep well
    The Most Dangerous Nuclear Plant in America Is About 30 Miles From New York City [Updated: Cuomo Reacts]Indian Point in Westchester is the most likely to be damaged by an earthquake. Great.
  31. glenn beck
    Glenn Beck Says Japan’s Earthquake Is a ‘Message’ to Follow the Ten Commandments“I’m not saying God is causing earthquakes — well, I’m not not saying that, either!”
  32. triple crisis
    Second Explosion Reported at Daiichi Reactor; Emergency Declared at Fourth Nuclear Plant [Updated]Updates on the crises in Japan.
  33. triple crisis
    Japan’s Official Death Toll Rises, a ‘Partial Meltdown’ Occurs [Updated]And the stock market is expected to fall.
  34. triple crisis
    Japanese Nuclear Reactor Flooded With Seawater to Avoid MeltdownMeanwhile, three residents among 90 tested at random showed excess exposure to radiation.
  35. tsunami
    Tsunami Death Toll Rises to 900; 6.4 Magnitude Aftershocks ContinueThe U.S. is sending aircraft and helicopters.
  36. it’s science
    Greenbrier, Arkansas, Has Experienced 50 Earthquakes This WeekThat’s a lot of earthquakes!
  37. scary things
    Strong Earthquake Shakes Central ChileChileans fled for higher ground.
  38. earthquakes
    If You Felt the Building Shaking in Tokyo Earlier, That Was Just the EarthquakeJapan’s southern coast was hit with a 6.9 magnitude quake, but everyone seems to be okay.
  39. neighborhood news
    Did You Feel the Earth Shaking This Afternoon?It might have been an earthquake! Or not.
  40. boobquake
    Maybe Boobs Really Do Cause EarthquakesThat Iranian cleric might have been right!
  41. earthquakes
    String of Earthquakes in Western China Kills Over 3007.1 magnitude quake strikes western Qinghai province.
  42. earthquakes
    Large Earthquake Strikes Baja California, Felt Across Pacific CoastNo immediate reports of serious damage or injuries.
  43. earthquakes
    Chilean Earthquake May Have Knocked Earth Off AxisAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  44. earthquakes
    Looting Commences in Chile As Death Toll RisesPolice use tear gas to disperse looters.
  45. earthquakes
    Aftershocks Continue in Chile As Tsunami Threat EndsThe death toll has surpassed 400.
  46. earthquakes
    Chile Rocked by 8.8 Magnitude EarthquakeThat’s a thousand times stronger than the 7.0 quake that hit Haiti last month.
  47. earthquakes
    Japan Receives Tsunami Warning After 7.0 Underwater EarthquakeIt may be up to twenty inches.
  48. haiti
    Haiti Needs $3 Billion to RebuildRich countries pledge to think about it.
  49. haiti
    Too Many Doctors Screwing Up HaitiGo home, doctors, you are ruining things.
  50. haiti earthquake
    84-Year-Old Woman Reported Rescued From Rubble in HaitiTen days after the first quake devastated Haiti, a woman is found still alive by rescue teams.
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