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East Flatbush

  1. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Officers Scrutinized After Shooting Death of Unarmed WomanShantel Davis was shot by an NYPD officer after crashing a stolen car Thursday afternoon.
  2. shots fired
    Eight People Shot at East Flatbush Party All victims are stable.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Rocks, Bottles Hurled at Cops in Brooklyn After Shooting Victim’s VigilThings are tense in East Flatbush right now.
  4. shootings
    Teenager Fatally Shot by NYPD OfficersThe police say that 16-year-old Kimani Gray pointed a gun at them.
  5. make a little birdhouse in your soul
    Man Has Good Response to Neighbors Who Complain About Birdcage-Covered House“The bird saved my life.”
  6. second stupid crime of the day
    Major Mackerel in Samurai Sword Attack!“It’s a Jamaican thing.”
  7. the morning line
    The Perfect Firetrap • Yesterday’s lethal Bronx fire was a perfect storm of human error: faulty wiring, two dead smoke alarms, no fire escape, the tenants’ panicked attempt to deal with the flame themselves, and a tardy rescue truck. [NYT] • Look who’s back in business: Former mayor Ed Koch will head a commission that will review, and help reform, the state comptroller’s office. Also on the commission: Tom Suozzi, the would-be Spitzer, and the AFL-CIO chief. We’re getting serious “shadow government” vibes. [amNY] • Mathieu Eugene, who beat nine opponents for a City Council seat, is demanding a revote. Despite his decisive victory, Eugene can’t take office: He flouted the residency requirement by living in Canarsie before the election. Meanwhile, leaderless East Flatbush shockingly does not descend into anarchy. [NYDN] • In a Law & Order–worthy case of creative definition of jurisdiction, the Manhattan D.A. is indicting a Brazilian congressman, Paulo Maluf. Maluf has never been in New York, but his money sure was: $11.6 million of it, all allegedly stolen and funneled through a Fifth Avenue bank. [MetroNY] • Speaking of Law & Order: The community-board meeting on renaming a midtown intersection the Jerry Orbach Corner turned into meta-farce when Sam Waterston showed up to address the surly board. The vote ended in hung jury. [NYT]