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  1. real estate
    The Red Hot Rubble of East New YorkOne of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn is suddenly the focus of both private speculators and City Hall.
  2. real estate
    The Red-Hot Rubble of East New YorkOne of the poorest neighborhoods in Brooklyn is suddenly the focus of both private speculators and City Hall, which wants to build thousands of units of affordable housing there — and by announcing its plans is fueling the land rush.
  3. crimes and misdemeanors
    Brooklyn Man Accidentally Shoots Baby DaughterShe survived.
  4. very sad and scary things
    NYC Serial Stabber Daniel St. Hubert Reportedly Transferred to BellevueMeanwhile, his 7-year-old victim is still recovering.
  5. Beyond Bushwick: Real-Estate Sales Boom in East BrooklynHunting for bargains that are insane in the membrane.
  6. Occupy East New York: From Wall St. to the HoodTaking the movement to Lloyd Blankfein’s birthplace.
  7. homicide
    One Killed in Shooting at Brooklyn PartyEight others were wounded.
  8. neighborhood news
    Crime Is Creeping Up in East New YorkThe neighborhood has the most rapes, murders, robberies, and felony assaults of anywhere in the city.
  9. neighborhood watch
    In the Rockaways, Safe Swimming Is a Luxury, Not a RightNasty razor teeth in Chelsea, bank-on-biker discrimination in Windsor Terrace, lifeguard inequality in the Rockaways … and other bad tidings to make you angry and anxious in today’s bitter boroughs report.
  10. neighborhood watch
    Edgar Allen Poe’s House to Get More RavenlikeIt’s July, which comes in like a candy-bearing Park Slope kiddie Evangelist! Or a rappeling, stalking obsessive UWS construction worker! Or a long-dead writer whose Bronx getaway’s getting a face-lift! Or … well … just read today’s boroughs roundup!
  11. neighborhood watch
    Scarlett Johansson Will Lay Her Head in Sutton PlaceScarJo buys a Sutton Place postwar, Billyburg and Greenpoint wait for their parks, and guilty liberal Slopies’ rage toward Greenpeace panhandlers finally boils over. That and more in today’s boroughs report.
  12. neighborhood watch
    The Look Book Comes to the ‘ShwickKingsbridge may get the next fancy public toilet, Bushwick gets it own look book, and the Slope could get veeery stinky this summer. All in our daily boroughs report.
  13. neighborhood watch
    Hide the Anecdotes: James Frey Is in Soho to StayFrey buys more in Soho, stained glass lingers in Bay Ridge, and Bed-Stuy sales are in the toilet in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  14. neighborhood watch
    That Amazing House From ‘Moonstruck’ Is Still Up for Grabs, Only Now It’s Cheaper!Brooklyn Heights: The sale price of the Cranberry Street house where they filmed Moonstruck has dropped from $5 million to $3.95 million since early 2006. That’s still très Cher! [Brooklyn Heights Blog] Coney Island: Astroland opens Sunday … possibly, for the second year in a row now, for its last season before major Coney development begins. [amNY] East New York: It’s “the new Harlem,” did you know that? So if you’re bitter you didn’t buy uptown twenty years ago, you’ll want to buy here, where cribs are going for up to $300,000. [NYDN]
  15. neighborhood watch
    Nature Gets Scary in Prospect ParkEast New York: Unlimited! Free! Compost! [Brooklyn Record] Greenpoint: The best-dressed man about town says his outfits are inspired by a lack of clean clothes. [Newyorkshitty] Long Island City: It’s getting closer to moving day in the luxury condos. [Curbed] Park Slope: Get your tickets for weekend house tours. [Dope on the Slope] Prospect Park: What does a white squirrel say about Brooklyn gentrification? [Englishman in New York] Williamsburg: Happily, it’s outdoor couch season again. [Gowanus Lounge]