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  1. religion
    What’s Worse Than Politics Without Religion? Politicized Religion.Displaced yearning for religious certainty is perilous, but sanctifying politics with religious certainty is terrifying.
  2. resignations
    Vatican Rushing to Pick a New Pope by Easter It’s a big day for them, after all.
  3. tim tebow
    Tim Tebow Addressed Thousands at Easter on the Hill Morning ServiceThe kind of people who might buy New York Jets PSLs.
  4. obama is a human person
    President Obama Got Very Into This Dribbling DrillEaster at the White House.
  5. unemployment
    Easter to Blame for UnemploymentNumber of claims filed for jobless benefits increases for second straight week.
  6. obama is a human person
    President Obama Seems a Little Bit Jealous of Justin BieberThe most important person at the White House today is not the president.
  7. those were the 100 days
    Bailouts, Bankers, Brackets, and Bo: Obama’s First 100 DaysLet’s relive all of the memorable moments we’ve already forgotten.
  8. photo op
    Obama Whispers Sweet Nothings Into the Easter Bunny’s EarBut who’s inside the suit?
  9. good friday? more like great friday
    @jesuschrist Sorry for Betraying YouTrinity Church is tweeting the Passion.
  10. the morning line
    Rudy! Rudy! Rudy! • We were kinda hoping this wouldn’t come out until, say, a week before the primaries, but take it away, Times: Rudy Giuliani was briefed on Bernie Kerik’s unsavory dossier, including the commish’s possible mafia ties, in 2000. Then Rudy made him the city’s top cop. [NYT] • New Jersey governor Jon Corzine has already picked a side of the Dem roster for 2008: He’s officially endorsing Hillary. (The State Senate president, Richard Codey, is a John Edwards man.) This is not insignificant considering N.J.’s extra-early primary date. [WNBC] • Long Island police are investigating nightmarish scenarios after severed limbs “with pink toenail polish” washed up in Nassau, Suffolk, and Westchester. There’s also a torso in a Wal-Mart suitcase, and revolting details galore for the curious. [Newsday] • Since we’re reminiscing about Rudy, how about a big fat Catholic controversy around a work of art? Cosimo Cavallaro is planning an Easter exhibit of an anatomically correct (of course) chocolate (of course) Jesus (of course), and he swears the timing is coincidental (yeah, right). [NYDN] • And meanwhile a polyester-resin security guard named Artie, installed in the lobby of a Uniondale office tower, causes no controversy whatsoever. Probably because he’s inedible. [NYT]