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Ebola Panic

  1. ebola panic
    Rebellious, Ebola-Free Nurse Is Getting Out of Maine Just don’t go to Jersey, Kaci Hickox.
  2. ebola panic
    NYC Hired Former Scam Artist to Clean Up After Ebola Patient City Hall says he did a good job, though.
  3. ebola panic
    Kaci Hickox Cannot Be Quarantined in MaineA judge rejected the state’s request to keep her inside and away from everyone.
  4. international intrigue
    North Korea Will Quarantine Everyone From Everywhere Over Ebola FearsBecause banning all tourist visits was apparently not enough.
  5. ebola panic
    Rebel Ebola Nurse Shakes Reporter’s Hand, Goes for Bike Ride in MaineIt’s getting wild up there.
  6. ebola panic
    Tough Quarantine Nurse Now Fighting With MaineShe won’t agree to stay inside through the 21-day incubation period.
  7. ebola panic
    Why Banning Travel From Ebola-Affected Countries Makes No SenseAustralia has instituted a visa ban for political purposes.
  8. horrible things
    Kids From Africa Beaten and Called ‘Ebola’ in the BronxToday in “teens are the worst.”
  9. ebola panic
    Here Are Some Things New Yorkers Should Be More Afraid of Than EbolaYou are not going to get Ebola.
  10. ebola panic
    American Travelers in Africa Are Now Being Screened for EbolaIn Rwanda, which has no reported cases of the virus.
  11. ebola panic
    The Most Ignorant American Ebola Panic of the MomentFive examples of Americans not knowing anything about Africa or disease.
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    Closing Schools Over Irrational Ebola Panic Just Makes People Panic MoreSchools in Ohio and Texas have shut down for almost no reason.