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  1. ebola
    What We Know About the 2021 Ebola OutbreaksSince the beginning of February, two Ebola patients have died in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and five have died in Guinea.
  2. Ebola Patients Escape Hospital, Increasing Fear of Massive OutbreakThe highly contagious virus has spread to Mbandaka, a city of more than a million, and health officials are scrambling to contain it.
  3. There Is Now an Ebola Vaccine That’s ‘100 Percent’ Effective Against the DiseaseSome actual good 2016 news.
  4. good news
    Ebola Epidemic Is Officially OverAccording to the World Health Organization.
  5. ebola
    Country Where Ebola Outbreak Began Declares Itself Free of the Deadly Virus“It’s the best year-end present that God could give to Guinea, and the best news that Guineans could hope for.”
  6. awful things
    Liberia Sees First Ebola Death Since JulyMeanwhile, a panel of international experts say that the response to the outbreak caused “needless suffering and death.”
  7. Ebola Returns to Liberia, Country Was Believed to Be Virus-FreeNearly 5,000 Liberians have died from the virus since last year.
  8. new jersey
    Quarantined Ebola Nurse Sues Chris Christie for False ImprisonmentKaci Hickox says the governor kept her in a “private prison” to play politics with Ebola panic.
  9. very good things
    Ebola Survivor Dr. Craig Spencer Returns to Visit the Hospital That Saved HimHe even went back to Guinea earlier this year.
  10. ebola
    Sierra Leone Celebrates Release of Last Known Ebola Patient“It’s been a very exciting day, people were really celebrating.”
  11. ebola
    Ebola Is Back in LiberiaA 17-year-old boy tested positive for the disease, the nation’s first new case in months.
  12. profile
    Today, the New York Doctor Who Contracted Ebola Is Feeling FineCraig Spencer on what it felt like to be sick amid a city’s fear and media madness.
  13. good things
    Liberia Declared Ebola-Free The virus killed more than 4,700 Liberians.
  14. Liberia Confirms New Case of Ebola After Two Disease-Free Weeks“We will have unfortunately some periods in which our hopes are dashed at this stage in the outbreak.”
  15. media
    Nancy Snyderman Will Stop Playing a Doctor on TVShe’ll go back to being a real-life doctor at a “major US medical school.”
  16. Number of Known Cases of Ebola in Liberia Drops to ZeroBeatrice Yardolo leaves the treatment center. 
  17. ebola
    Nurse Sues Dallas Hospital Where She Contracted Ebola For failing to provide her with proper training and resources and for violating her privacy.
  18. Ebola Doctor Hates the Media and Politics; Is Neither Hipster Nor HeroDr. Craig Spencer is not impressed with how politicians and media outlets treated him and other Ebola patients in the U.S. 
  19. international intrigue
    North Korea Sticks With Irrational Ebola Policy, Bans Foreign Marathon RunnersThere hasn’t been an outbreak anywhere near Pyongyang.
  20. health
    U.S. Troops Deployed to Fight Ebola in West Africa Are Coming HomeNow that the outbreak has mostly tapered off.
  21. The Brief — But Busy — Reign of the Ebola Czar Ron Klain talks about America’s fight against the epidemic as he prepares to step down. 
  22. ebola
    New York Ebola Doc Thinks the City OverreactedIn an interview with WNYC.
  23. ebola
    Airline Passenger Hospitalized With Ebola-Like Symptoms in New JerseyShe worked with Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.
  24. health
    Ebola Outbreak Slows in West Africa, Leaving U.S.-Built Treatment Centers EmptyBut the disease could still make a comeback.
  25. international affairs
    British Nurse Infected With Ebola Isn’t Doing WellPauline Cafferkey’s condition has been downgraded to “critical.”
  26. ebola
    Health-Care Worker Diagnosed With Ebola in Glasgow She had reportedly just returned from Sierra Leone. 
  27. war on christmas
    The Grinch Stole Christmas in Sierra LeoneAnd by the grinch, we mean Ebola.
  28. ebola
    American Health-Care Worker Who May Have Ebola Arrives in AtlantaThe unnamed patient may have contracted the virus while working in West Africa.
  29. ebola
    Snyderman Sorry for Violating Ebola Quarantine She was hungry, okay?
  30. ebola
    U.S. Ebola Survivors Grateful This Thanksgiving for Plasma Donor DocThey thanked him during a Today show appearance.
  31. nightmares
    Now We All Can Worry About the Plague for a WeekPlague is back, back again …
  32. ebola
    Medical Workers Are Avoiding New York and New Jersey’s Ebola QuarantinesThe toilet-free tent figures heavily in their travel plans.
  33. oops
    Thieves in Guinea Probably Didn’t Mean to Steal a Bag Full of Ebola BloodBut that’s what they did.
  34. Brooklyn Man Being Tested for Ebola Probably Doesn’t Have EbolaCarry on.
  35. good things
    DHS Won’t Force Tourists From Ebola-Stricken Countries to Go HomeThey’ll be allowed to stay for 18 months.
  36. ebola
    Woman Who Died Suddenly in Brooklyn Tests Negative for EbolaShe had recently traveled to West Africa.
  37. ebola
    Doctor Infected With Ebola Dies at Nebraska Medical CenterHe contracted the virus while treating patients in his native Sierra Leone.
  38. ebola
    Another Ebola-Infected Doctor Arrives in Nebraska Dr. Martin Salia, a permanent resident of the United States, contracted the virus in Sierra Leone.
  39. ebola
    Doctor Who Contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone Will Be Treated in NebraskaThe man is a permanent U.S. resident.
  40. ebola
    The Dallas Ebola Patient’s Fiancée Has a Book DealIn bookstores Order online this April.
  41. dallas ebola patient
    Dallas Ebola Victim’s Family Reaches a Settlement With HospitalThe undisclosed sum will go to his family and to a foundation to fight Ebola in Liberia.
  42. More Than 5,160 Dead From Ebola OutbreakStill no end in sight.
  43. ebola
    U.S. Nurses to Strike Today Over Ebola Safety ConcernsHospitals still don’t have enough protective equipment for Ebola treatment.
  44. ebola
    As First Quarantine Ends, Mali Reports Second Ebola Death A nurse died after treating a man with Ebola-like symptoms.
  45. good things
    New York’s (Former) Ebola Patient Hugs His Way Out of the Hospital After 19 days at Bellevue, Dr. Craig Spencer was given a clean bill of health.
  46. New York Ebola Doc Now Free of EbolaAnd no, you still don’t have it.
  47. ebola panic
    Rebellious, Ebola-Free Nurse Is Getting Out of Maine Just don’t go to Jersey, Kaci Hickox.
  48. ebola
    Ebola Nurse Defends Flight: ‘I Would Not Take Ebola to My Family’She checked with the CDC and “got the okay every single time.”
  49. ebola
    NYC’s Ebola-Infected Doctor Now Well Enough to Be Mocked by Hospital StaffThey’re not Bowie fans.
  50. ebola
    Kentucky Teacher Resigns Over Parents’ Dumb Ebola FearsThey wanted to quarantine her over a trip to East Africa.
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