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  1. good things
    Ebola-Infected Doctor Seems to Be Getting BetterSome positive news.
  2. ebola panic
    NYC Hired Former Scam Artist to Clean Up After Ebola Patient City Hall says he did a good job, though.
  3. ebola
    Judge Orders Kaci Hickox to Stay at Least 3 Feet Away From AnyoneWe’ll see if she listens.
  4. international intrigue
    North Korea Will Quarantine Everyone From Everywhere Over Ebola FearsBecause banning all tourist visits was apparently not enough.
  5. ebola
    Troops Returning From Ebola Missions QuarantinedDefense Secretary Chuck Hagel announced the new rule today.
  6. ebola
    Ebola Rates Are Falling in Liberia, and No One Knows Exactly WhyBut experts say it’s too early to celebrate the end of an outbreak.
  7. ebola
    Ebola Nurse Amber Vinson Released From HospitalSix days after her family announced she cleared the virus.
  8. as told to
    What It’s Like to Be Quarantined and Tested for Ebola “They lined all the halls with people in suits, just to make sure no one would come in contact with me.”
  9. ebola
    CDC Sets New Ebola Guidelines But Can’t Enforce ThemGovernors can keep imprisoning health-care workers if they want.
  10. politics in the time of ebola
    Chris Christie Is Trying to Fight an Ebola Panic That Doesn’t Really Exist How did the New Jersey governor so badly misread public opinion?
  11. happy things
    Little Boy Tests Negative for Ebola in NYCWhew.
  12. ebola
    Cuomo Jokes That People Under Ebola Quarantine Can Pass Time Reading His BookHa ha.
  13. city politic
    Andrew Cuomo and the Politics of an Ebola ScareThe difference in political styles has been on full display.
  14. ebola
    Sick 5-Year-Old Tested for Ebola in NYCHe’s under observation at Bellevue after returning from Guinea.
  15. jesus christie
    People Don’t Like N.Y. and N.J.’s Ebola PolicyFrom the CDC to the nurse stuck in Newark.
  16. ebola
    Dr. Craig Spencer Receives Plasma From Ebola Survivor As Fiancée Returns HomeBellevue says the New York Ebola patient is “entering the next phase of his illness.” 
  17. ebola
    Most of the Places the New York Ebola Patient Visited Are Now Nice and Clean There’s not much anyone can do about the trains, though. 
  18. the city politic
    New York’s Ebola Response Gets Political Will de Blasio and Cuomo fight the virus, or one another? 
  19. ebola
    Dallas Nurse Nina Pham Is Now Ebola-FreeShe’s being discharged from the hospital today.
  20. ebola
    NY1 Anchor Politely Reminds New Yorkers Not to Eat PoopOr vomit.
  21. twitter rants
    Donald Trump Blames Obama for NYC Ebola Case, Calls for His ResignationAnd lashes out against the “reckless” Doctors Without Borders physician.
  22. ebola
    Everything We Know About New York City’s Ebola PatientDr. Craig Spencer had been treating Ebola patients in Guinea.
  23. First Case of Ebola in Mali ConfirmedA 2-year-old girl is infected.
  24. NYC Doctor Who Treated Ebola Patients in Africa Is Now Being Tested at BellevueHe was treating Ebola patients in West Africa.
  25. crimes and misdemeanors
    New Jersey Man Caught Pushing ‘Ebola’-Branded HeroinToday in questionable marketing decisions.
  26. international intrigue
    North Korea Using Ebola Panic to Ban TouristsCancel your tours.
  27. ebola
    Ebola Death Toll May Actually Be 15,000, Not 5,000Because of underreporting in West Africa.
  28. ebola
    Adorable Dog of Dallas Nurse Doesn’t Have EbolaFinally some good news.
  29. ebola
    Travelers From West Africa to US to Be MonitoredThe CDC announced the news on Wednesday.
  30. ebola
    NBC News Cameraman Declared Ebola-FreeHe received an experimental drug and a blood transfusion from another American survivor.
  31. Travelers From West Africa Allowed to Arrive at Only 5 U.S. AirportsThe new rule instituted by the Department of Homeland Security goes into effect on Wednesday.
  32. the national interest
    Scientists Also Lying About Ebola, Explains George F. WillScientists: Are they right about anything?
  33. First Round of U.S. Ebola Contacts Are Officially Disease-FreeBut at least 149 are still being monitored.
  34. a supposedly fun thing
    Hospital Worker Tests Negative for Ebola; Caribbean Vacation Still Ruined The unnamed woman left her Carnival cruise ship on Sunday morning.
  35. ebola
    Ebola Virus Could Give You a Computer VirusThe United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team.
  36. Obama Names Ron Klain His New ‘Ebola Czar’According to “knowledgeable sources.”
  37. a supposedly fun thing
    Ebola Hospital Worker Should Probably Not Have Gone on That Caribbean CruiseThe individual is healthy, but in quarantine just in case.
  38. ebola
    Erotic-Novel Cover Models in Ebola QuarantineThey took the same flight as Amber Vinson, a Dallas nurse diagnosed with Ebola.
  39. ebola
    Dallas Hospital Releases Emotional Video of Ebola Patient Nina PhamBefore she was transferred from Dallas to Maryland.
  40. ebola panic
    Closing Schools Over Irrational Ebola Panic Just Makes People Panic MoreSchools in Ohio and Texas have shut down for almost no reason.
  41. inside the hot zone
    Ebola Is a Virus That Punishes False ConfidenceTaming it will require plenty of human humility. 
  42. CDC Told Nurse With Ebola She Could Fly, Despite Slight FeverPresident Obama has promised “a much more aggressive response.”
  43. ebola
    There Could Be a No-Fly List for EbolaThe CDC is reportedly considering it.
  44. great moments in fox news
    Shep Smith Dismantles Ebola Panic on Fox News!?Truly surprising.
  45. ebola
    Another Dallas Health-Care Worker Has Ebola; Hospital Was Woefully UnpreparedThose who treated Thomas Eric Duncan didn’t have the right gear.
  46. Have Stocks Gotten Spooked by Ebola? The deadly virus is not the only thing traders are worried about.  
  47. ebola
    Police Search for Guy Who Yelled ‘I Have Ebola!’ on a Public BusHe could be charged with making a terrorist threat.
  48. ebola
    Mark Zuckerberg Donates $25M to the CDC to Help Fight EbolaHe announced it on Facebook, of course.
  49. capitalism
    Horrible Dudes Selling Ebola.com for $150,000They also own BirdFlu.com.
  50. politics
    Both Democrats and Republicans Are Trying to Politicize EbolaThough it’s not clear either side is at fault.
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