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  1. social studies
    Rochester’s 3 Minutes of Astronomical ImportanceHalf a million eclipse hunters are set to invade.
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    Couple Sues Amazon After Staring Directly Into Sun With Faulty Eclipse GlassesThe glasses should have been recalled, but the couple says they never received any information warning them not to use them.
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    Trump Retweets Meme of Him Eclipsing Obama, Is Clearly Confused by EclipsesIn the meme, Trump is the moon and Obama is the sun.
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    Can You Guess Which One of These Songs Is Popular Today?Hmmmmmm.
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    Trump Stared Into the Eclipse Without Glasses Which Seems About RightA picture for the ages.
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    Imagine Being on a Plane With This Guy“Totality! Totality!”
  7. the greatest show of our time
    Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon Watch Gossip GirlIntel’s passions collide once again.