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  1. the intelligencer profile
    The Cult of Adam ToozeHow the impeccably credentialed, improbably charming economic historian supplanted the dirtbag left.
  2. the intelligencer profile
    Was Larry Summers Right All Along?How the ultimate Establishment figure became the preeminent critic of the Biden era’s economic consensus.
  3. abortion
    If Roe Is Reversed, Democrats Need to Be ReadyAt a time when their party has convinced itself to avoid social issues, they should prepare for a culture-war battle they can win.
  4. ideas
    David Graeber’s Possible WorldsThe author of Debt and The Dawn of Everything left behind countless admirers and an abiding belief that society could be changed for the better.
  5. encounter
    Lina Khan Isn’t Worried About Going Too FarThe FTC’s very young new boss thinks corporations such as Facebook are abusing their power. To fight them, she’s consolidating some clout of her own.
  6. higher education
    What’s a Master’s Degree Really Worth?The desperate economics behind the pursuit of an even higher education.
  7. the economy
    America’s Inflation Debate Is Fundamentally ConfusedTo raise real wages and lower Americans’ cost of living, we need to inject more demand into the economy, not less, economist J.W. Mason argues.
  8. the top line
    Here’s What the Trouble in Commercial Real Estate Means for YouSome of the hits to retail real estate may permanently change how state and local governments fund themselves.
  9. in conversation
    Thomas Piketty Knew This Was ComingThe scholar of inequality warned us that our economic systems couldn’t withstand a global catastrophe.
  10. vision 2020
    The Left-Wing Realignment of American Politics Has Already BegunAs centrist Democrats run to the left of yesteryear’s progressives, Republicans are pushing for green energy investment and aid to the poor.
  11. david brooks
    Bernie Isn’t Trying to Start a Class War. The Rich Are Trying to Finish One.David Brooks argues that workers in America are paid what their labor is worth, accidentally proving the opposite.
  12. the top line
    Trump Admits China Isn’t a Currency ManipulatorThe essentially symbolic nature of this action fits with the essentially symbolic nature of the Phase One trade deal as a whole.
  13. economics
    What Happened to Recession Fears?Let’s take a look at what we were worried about a year ago and why we’re less worried about it now.
  14. wealth tax
    Study: Warren’s Wealth Tax Would Slow Growth (in an Alternate Universe)A new analysis of Warren’s wealth-tax plan pretends that it is a deficit-reduction scheme — and that America is suffering a capital shortage.
  15. universal basic income
    Laura Just Wants to Retire With Dignity — And Visit Her New Great-GranddaughterHow Stockton, California’s experiment in universal basic income helped a 68-year-old woman trying to get by on Social Security and a small pension.
  16. universal basic income
    Greg Just Tries Not to Think About the Bills and the Debt and His Bad CreditHow Stockton, California’s experiment in universal basic income helped a father of four.
  17. universal basic income
    Phyllis Knows She’s More Than Her CircumstancesHow Stockton, California’s experiment in universal basic income helped a family of three facing a cancer diagnosis.
  18. universal basic income
    Grace Has Too Many Big Plans to Settle for Just a JobHow Stockton, California’s experiment in universal basic income helped an aspiring entrepreneur.
  19. universal basic income
    Danielle Has Just One Goal: No Debt, No Debt, No DebtHow Stockton, California’s experiment in universal basic income helped a family of four facing $60,000 in debt.
  20. public policy
    What Would You do With an Extra $500 a Month?Five people open their lives (and their accounts) in a test run of universal basic income.
  21. education
    Robert Smith’s Morehouse Gift Is More Generous Than His VisionThe billionaire’s donation of $40 million to pay off the debt of Morehouse grads was a noble act of charity. But charity is not justice.
  22. stephen moore
    Stephen Moore: Dems Rejected Fed Nomination Because They’re ‘Stupid and Evil’Moore seems to forget the real basis for his canceled Fed nomination: Senate Republicans made it clear he didn’t pass muster.
  23. conservatism
    Why Tucker Carlson Plays a Critic of Capitalism on TVCapital flight — and “woke” consumer brands — have become a visceral threat to white, rural America’s traditional values.
  24. politics
    White House’s Scary Portrait of Socialism Pretends Inequality Doesn’t ExistThe latest Council of Economic Advisers report misrepresents what socialism is about, and ignores an issue that makes it attractive to many Americans.
  25. economics
    How a Federal Job Guarantee Could Lower Crime & Help the Formerly IncarceratedCalifornia wildfires and the prison strike show us that the incarcerated are valuable workers. We should help them be productive when they leave, too.
  26. Unions Are Not a Special Interest GroupA new study confirms that labor unions raise wages for all workers — especially those of color — and do not significantly slow economic growth.
  27. The Radical Proposal That Moderate Democrats Should Be Running OnKirsten Gillibrand believes that the government should guarantee jobs to all the unemployed — and 67 percent of rural America agrees.
  28. Trump Bids Good-bye to Gary Cohn — and Empirical RealityThe president’s worst impulses had been constrained by deference to the stock market and corporate America. Now, he’s thumbing his nose at both.
  29. We Must Cancel Everyone’s Student Debt, for the Economy’s SakeFor the price of Trump’s tax cuts, the government could wipe out all student debt — and increase economic growth by $860 billion.
  30. The GOP Is Embracing Fiscal Irresponsibility. That’s (Probably) for the Best.Republicans are poised to pass a giant stimulus in an already-strong economy. That’s bad for the deficit — but good for workers.
  31. the body politic
    How Can Democrats Connect ‘Identity Politics’ to Economics?By talking about gender and race more, not less.
  32. Did Americans Turn to Opioids Out of Despair — or Just Because They Were There?A new study casts doubt on the idea that the epidemic is driven by economic hardship.
  33. How Wealthy People Use the Government to Enrich ThemselvesA conversation with Brink Lindsey and Steven Teles, authors of The Captured Economy.
  34. Inequality Is Rising Across the Globe — and Skyrocketing in the U.S.A new report shows that inequality is a political choice — and American policy makers have chosen to accelerate its growth.
  35. There Is No Economic Theory That Justifies the GOP Tax PlanEven supply-side economists won’t defend the actually-existing Republican bill.
  36. The GOP Tax Plan Might Make Sense — If Recessions Didn’t ExistRepublicans are writing a bill that will stimulate the economy in the middle of an expansion — and automatically depress it during a downturn.
  37. Janet Yellen: We May Need a New Economic Paradigm to Recover From the CrisisThe fed chair suggests a “high-pressure” policy may be required to restore growth. That’s good news for progressives.
  38. The Economy Added 255,000 Jobs in July — Way More Than ExpectedEconomists projected 180,000.
  39. Venezuela
    Venezuela’s Latest Terrible Economic Idea Is Forced LaborVenezuela’s collapse is killing a lot of people, and there’s little sign of improvement.
  40. Kansas Republicans Are Getting Sick of Small GovernmentSome tea-party Republicans in the state legislature have lost faith in Sam Brownback’s supply-side voodoo.
  41. q&a
    Milanovic: ‘It’s a Perfect Storm’ of Inequality“It’s been forgotten by the Establishment in the rich countries that you have to pay attention to the losers.”
  42. the money
    Bernie Sanders Has Started Thinking Like a RepublicanWhy shouldn’t Democrats get to have fun with magical economic growth?
  43. No, Depressed American Towns Do Not Look Like ZimbabweAre trade deals turning the United States into Zimbabwe?
  44. economics
    The Absolute Moron’s Guide to the Greek Debt CrisisIf you don’t understand the referendum, you’re not alone; even Greeks can’t agree on what it meant.
  45. inversion aversion
    Walgreens Decides Not to Anger PresidentGood call!
  46. labor pains
    Unions Get a Bruise From the Supreme Court, But Avoid a Knockout PunchThe decision in Harris v. Quinn could have been much, much worse.
  47. economists for jesus
    David Brat Just Became the Christian Right’s Favorite EconomistCantor’s ouster could give evangelical America a new intellectual hero.
  48. livin’ for the city
    5 Reasons Cities Are Getting Better, and Everywhere Else Is Getting WorseMore and more, choosing to live outside a major city is tantamount to opting to live in the past.
  49. euromess
    What Just Happened to Europe’s Economy?The (abridged) absolute moron’s guide to the bizarro world of negative interest rates.
  50. the seattle files
    Seattle’s $15 Minimum-Wage Experiment Is a GoThe rest of the country is watching.
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