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Ed Markey

  1. kennedy dynasty
    The Fall of the Kennedy Dynasty Took More Than Just One NightJoseph Kennedy III’s loss to Ed Markey was just the latest in a long series of setbacks for the storied political family.
  2. massachusetts
    Ed Markey Wins MA Senate Primary Over Joe KennedyThe progressive Democratic incumbent defeated his challenger, making Joe Kennedy the first person in his family to lose a primary in Massachusetts.
  3. massachusetts
    How Markey and Kennedy Are Closing Out Their Brutal Primary‘Family fights are the most vicious fights’: inside the ugly final days of the year’s most contentious Senate primary race.
  4. elections
    Rep. Markey Wins John Kerry’s Former Senate SeatNot the next Scott Brown.
  5. congress
    Rep. Ed Markey Is the First Official Contender for John Kerry’s Senate SeatBut probably not the last.
  6. early and awkward
    Colorado Democrats Keep Confusing Republicans With Their Tricky NamesSalazar who? Which Markey? Argh!
  7. the future is coming
    Congress Scolds FacebookThey want to know how Farmville and other apps were able to pass on the IDs of users and their friends to outside companies.
  8. bp
    BP Doc: A Lot More Oil Than Previously Estimated Could Be LeakingUp to 4 million gallons a day, in fact.