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Ed Rendell

  1. democratic national convention
    Sanders Doesn’t Have to Grovel to Get a Big Convention SpeechHillary Clinton needs a big, visible endorsement speech from Bernie Sanders more than Bernie Sanders needs to give one. 
  2. politics
    People Into Hillary for President in 2016Today, we have Nancy Pelosi and Ed Rendell.
  3. america!
    Political Types Unsure If Far East Is More or Less Wimpy Than Our Pro Sports LeaguesThey do know, however, that sports seem to have taken a decided turn for the “effete.”
  4. ed rendell
    Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell Splits From Wife of 40 YearsWas it one too many cheesesteaks?
  5. secretary of awesome
    Clinton Friend Ed Rendell Is Ignoring Everything Hillary Has Said About 2016He thinks she might run for president.
  6. the rich hunt
    There Are Just Two Words Politicians Have to Say to Cast Suspicion on Their Rivals“Wall Street.”
  7. early and often
    Best Speech of Hillary Clinton’s Career Caps Genuinely Exciting DNC NightOn day two of their convention, Democrats finally got some red meat.