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Ed Skyler

  1. let’s get civical
    Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler to CitigroupHopefully by the time he gets to the bank, the government will no longer own a quarter of it.
  2. let’s get civical
    Deputy Mayor Skyler Doesn’t Just Have a Star Wars NameHe loves the movie franchise, too!
  3. let’s get civical
    Deputy Mayor Tackles Thief, Rescues Stolen Cell PhoneHe even got snow on his suit!
  4. early and often
    The ‘Post’ Thinks Bloomberg Has Third Term in the Bag, Agrees With ‘News’ for OnceAfter famous term-limits foe Ronald Lauder backs Bloomberg for reelection, the tabloid says ‘Run, Mike, Run!’
  5. early and often
    Bloomberg’s Advisers Against a Third TermDeputy Mayors Kevin Sheekey, Patricia Harris, and Ed Skyler have indicated they think a change on term limits is a bad idea.