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Edward Gallagher

  1. authoritarianism
    Why Trump Vilifies Whistle-blowers and Venerates War CriminalsIn Trump’s authoritarian worldview, real heroes don’t let the rule of law constrain their viciousness toward enemies of the cause.
  2. war crimes
    Fired Navy Secretary: Trump Sends Message ‘You Can Get Away’ With War CrimesWell, duh — Trump reportedly wants to conscript the accused and convicted war criminals he pardoned to spread the good word about his 2020 campaign.
  3. defense department
    Defense Secretary: Trump Gave Direct Order to Allow SEAL to Keep Status“The president is the commander in chief. He has every right, authority, and privilege to do what he wants to do,” Esper said.
  4. defense department
    Navy Secretary Richard Spencer Fired Over War-Criminal ControversyRichard Spencer was fired for violating the chain of command and pushing Trump to allow accused war criminal Edward Gallagher to retire as a SEAL.
  5. war crimes
    Trump’s War-Crimes Pardons Invite the Mayhem He LovesAn outlaw president naturally wants to celebrate outlaw behavior in the military, too.
  6. war crimes
    Will Trump Go Nixonian With Clemency for American War Criminals?Trump is reportedly mulling clemency for several men accused of war crimes, reminiscent of Nixon beneficiary William Calley.