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  1. whistleblowers
    Edward Snowden Comes to SXSWVia Google Hangout.
  2. he said he said
    Snowden Says He Reported Concerns to More Than 10 NSA Officials FirstTo “more than 10 distinct officials,” no less.
  3. spy games
    NSA Figured Out Who’s to Blame for Snowden LeakA civilian employee who unwittingly gave him his password.
  4. spy games
    Greenwald Launches Intercept, Links NSA, DronesThe new site reveals its point of view from the jump.
  5. spy games
    Snowden’s Leaks Are Getting Their Own MagazineHelmed by Glenn Greenwald.
  6. spy games
    Booz Allen Exec Describes How Snowden Deceived His Former EmployerAnd calls him a narcissist who had “failed at most everything he did.”
  7. ink-stained wretches overseas
    Destroying Snowden’s Files Was Surprisingly Labor-IntensiveBlue-collar journalism.
  8. spy games
    The NSA Has Its Eye on Your Angry BirdsAnd other “leaky” apps.
  9. spy games
    Snowden Says He’d Like to Come Home, But Has ‘No Chance’ of a Fair TrialEric Holder says they can talk, if he’ll plead guilty.
  10. spy games
    U.S. Sues Firm That Vetted Snowden for Fraud [UPDATED]The government says 40 percent of its investigations were incomplete.
  11. spy games
    Edward Snowden Insists He’s Not a Russian Spy“Spies get treated better than that,” he said.
  12. spy games
    Jon Stewart Not Buying Obama’s NSA Speech at All“How do we stop this lose-lose?”
  13. spy games
    President Obama Announces NSA Changes While Still Slighting Snowden“The work has begun,” said the president today.
  14. spy games
    Obama to Adjust How the Government Goes Through Your Phone DataThe president will announce a few new ideas at 11 a.m.
  15. spy games
    As Obama Unveils NSA Reforms, Intelligence Community Is Still SeethingThey have some pretty elaborate Snowden murder fantasies.
  16. blog-stained wretches
    Glenn Greenwald Does Not Think He’s Hogging the Snowden DocumentsThere’s much more to come, he says.
  17. spy games
    New York Times Strongly Suggests Obama Go Easy on SnowdenA new op-ed makes the case for clemency.
  18. holiday greetings
    Merry Christmas From Edward SnowdenDon’t forget that the NSA is watching you.
  19. spy games
    Snowden Declares ‘I Already Won’ in First Moscow Interview“In terms of personal satisfaction,” though he still can’t leave Russia.
  20. Brazil Wants Snowden to Stay in Russia for NowThey have no plans to offer asylum, though he asked nicely.
  21. Edward Snowden Would Like Not to Be in Russia AnymoreHe would like to be in Brazil. 
  22. spy games
    60 Minutes Gift Wrapped a Puff Piece for the NSAReporter John Miller delivers an uncritical look the agency.
  23. spy games
    The NSA Couldn’t Manage to Monitor Edward SnowdenIronic!
  24. spy games
    If Google Can Track Your Online Activity, It’s a Safe Bet the NSA Can TooThe NSA has mastered the use of cookies.
  25. spy games
    NSA Also Spying on World of Warcraft, Xbox LiveThe government has its eye on elves and orcs.
  26. leaks
    Snowden Was Nearly 2013’s Most Fascinating PersonHe is slightly more important than Kimye.
  27. ink-stained wretches
    Guardian Only Published 1 Percent of NSA Docs“About one percent.”
  28. spy games
    NSA Spies on Porn Habits to Undermine Muslim ‘Radicalizers’The latest juicy scoop from the Edward Snowden documents.
  29. spy games
    Edward Snowden May Have a ‘Doomsday’ FileAnd can keep the leaks coming for the next two years.
  30. spy games
    Snowden Got Information by Simply Asking for PasswordsNot that complicated, really.
  31. spy games
    NSA: Germany Was ‘a Little Grumpy’ About Being Left Out of Spying ClubEspionage and hurt feelings.
  32. Frank Rich: Obamacare Mess Threatens LiberalismReaganism would make a comeback.
  33. spy games
    Edward Snowden Got a Tech-Support JobIn Russia!
  34. gmen in your gmail
    Will Silicon Valley Finally Get Mad About the NSA’s MUSCULAR Program?If they weren’t pissed off about PRISM, maybe the latest Snowden docs will do the trick.
  35. spy games
    U.S. Warns Foreign Officials That Snowden Knows About Their Secret AlliancesVia many awkward phone calls.
  36. spy games
    NSA Monitored Basically Every Important Person Everywhere at Some PointIncluding at least 35 world leaders.
  37. spy games
    Snowden Claims He No Longer Has Any Classified NSA DocumentsSo the Russians can stop spying on him.
  38. spy games
    NSA Director and Deputy to Step Down After Tough YearEdward Snowden strikes again.
  39. media
    Meet Pierre Omidyar, the Next Philanthropic Aspiring Media MogulA “momentous new venture.”
  40. blog-stained wretches
    Glenn Greenwald Is Very Excited About His New JobIt’s a “momentous new venture.”
  41. spy games
    The NSA Is Also Scooping Up Millions of E-mail Address BooksIncluding Americans’ contacts, by accident of course.
  42. spy games
    Video of Edward Snowden Talking at a Fancy Dinner ReleasedHe seems unchanged.
  43. spy games
    CIA Thought There Was Something Funny About That Snowden Guy in 2009A bad report was never forwarded.
  44. photo op
    Is This a Photo of Edward Snowden Buying Groceries in Russia?Sure, maybe!
  45. navy yard shooting
    Same Company Did Background Checks for Aaron Alexis, Edward SnowdenThat doesn’t look good.
  46. international affairs
    Obama Says He and Putin Aren’t Really That AwkwardThey talked about Syria, not Snowden, on the sidelines of G20.
  47. spy games
    Commercial Internet Encryption No Match for the NSA, It Turns OutThey’ve been breaking codes for years now.
  48. international intrigue
    Putin Thinks Snowden Is Weird“You know, I sometimes thought about him, he is a strange guy.”
  49. spy games
    Greenwald’s Partner Had 58,000 Classified DocsMost of the files are still encrypted.
  50. edward snowden
    The CIA Has Way More Money Than Everyone ThoughtEdward Snowden leaked the U.S. intelligence “black budget.”
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