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  1. ballot initiatives
    Coming Soon: The Great California Bacon CrisisA 2018 ballot initiative could boost pork prices nationally and even make bacon disappear in California, bringing home debates on cruelty to animals.
  2. life in pixels
    The Egg Is Bigger Than Before, or, Mysteries of YouTube’s Third-Biggest ChannelWhat is 5-Minute Crafts, and why?
  3. select all
    Twitter Doesn’t Want to Be TwitterThe company has spent the week changing the defining features of its brand.
  4. select all
    Starbucks’s Spring Cups Inadvertently Celebrate Twitter’s Most DerangedThe pastel cups for spring 2017 look uncannily like Twitter eggs.
  5. select all
    Twitter Reveals New Tactics for Curbing AbuseThe company is reducing the visibility of newly created troll accounts.
  6. massage enthusiasts
    Epstein Masseuse: ‘Basically, I Was Training to Be a Prostitute for Him and His Friends’Prince Andrew, you need some new friends.
  7. recalls
    Egg-Related Salmonella Outbreak SpreadsCalled “one of the largest shell egg recalls in recent history.”
  8. science is ruining timeless riddles
    Chicken-Egg Mystery Allegedly SolvedIt was the chicken. We’re still confused.
  9. things that actually happen in real life
    Jeffrey Epstein’s Egg-Shaped Member Will Not Be Examined by LawyersThe shape of Epstein’s penis is not relevant to the civil cases against him, a judge has ruled.