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  1. Second Black Box From Crashed EgyptAir Flight Is Pulled From Mediterranean SeaNow it’s time for investigators to parse the data. 
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    Crashed EgyptAir Jet’s Black-Box Recorder FoundThe cockpit voice recorder was recovered from the Mediterranean Sea. 
  3. Egypt: Ship Picked Up Black-Box Signal of JetAccording to Egyptian officials, a French ship detected the pings. 
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    Distress Signals Narrow Search for Missing EgyptAir FlightAirbus detected a distress signal from the plane’s emergency-locator transmitter.
  5. Cause of EgyptAir Crash Still UnknownHere’s everything we do know so far.
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    U.S. Officials Theorize EgyptAir Flight MS804 Downed by BombAlthough they have yet to find a “smoking gun” to support their theory.
  7. Signs Point to a Catastrophic Event in the EgyptAir Disappearance Abrupt loss of contact and a steep descent. 
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    EgyptAir Flight MS804 From Paris to Cairo Goes MissingThe plane was carrying 66 people.
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    New York–Bound Flight Diverted After Fire Threat [Updated]The EgyptAir plane was sent to Glasgow after a BBC producer discovered a suspicious note on board.