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  1. encounter
    The 26-Year-Old Lawyer Whose First Two Clients Were Epstein and El ChapoMariel Colón Miró was just out of law school and answered an ad on Craigslist. Next thing she knew she was bonding with El Chapo.
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    El Chapo Sentenced to Life in Prison, Likely Headed to ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies’The Feds aren’t taking any chances with the known escape artist and will likely send him to a supermax prison in Colorado.
  3. el chapo
    The Last Day of the Trial of El ChapoA poll on best informant testimony; a moment of female solidarity; an appearance from the actor who plays the drug dealer on Netflix.
  4. el chapo
    The Wildest Revelations From the El Chapo TrialIncluding his diamond-encrusted guns, a nude escape through a secret tunnel, and the time he buried a man alive.
  5. el chapo
    El Chapo’s Defense Lawyer Knows the Art of Cross-Examining a RatMeet Jeffrey Lichtman, the drug boss’s Brooklyn “mouthpiece.”
  6. trials
    Finally, Some Real Menace Enters the El Chapo CourtroomBut not from the kingpin himself.
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    The El Chapo Defense: He’s No Kingpin, He’s a HenchmanPlus, a squealing underling, and other recent highlights from the trial.
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    The El Chapo Trial Is Already a Movie SetThe drug kingpin takes the stage in Brooklyn.
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    Everything about El Chapo’s trial is a secretThe trial for El Chapo starts Monday. But will Brooklyn Bridge be closed every time he’s shuttled across? Everyone who knows is sworn to secrecy.
  10. New Plan: Get El Chapo to Pay for the Border WallSenator Ted Cruz proposes using forfeitures from a drug lord, whose career proves the ineffectiveness of border walls, to pay for the border wall.
  11. El Chapo Is Extradited to the United StatesThe drug kingpin is headed to New York, but not through a tunnel.
  12. coming to america
    Cartel Kingpin El Chapo Is One Step Closer to Coming to the U.S.A judge reportedly gave the okay for his extradition to Mexico’s northern neighbor, where the drug lord is wanted on many, many charges.
  13. El Chapo Lawyer: Kingpin Wants U.S. ExtraditionMaybe Sean Penn can pull some strings?
  14. There Is Shaky Cam Footage of the Raid That Led to El Chapo’s CaptureThanks to a GoPro worn by one of the Mexican Marines who stormed his compound.
  15. Meeting With Sean Penn May Have Led to El Chapo’s ArrestWhen a map to the stars leads you back to prison instead.
  16. adios!
    El Chapo Captured, Will Face Extradition HearingAfter two escapes, it appears that Mexico may finally be ready to get rid of the notorious drug lord.
  17. international intrigue
    ‘El Chapo’ Reportedly Hurt, But Escapes Once AgainHe apparently suffered injuries to his face and leg after Mexican authorities closed in on him at a ranch in the Sierra Madres.
  18. prison break
    ‘El Chapo’ May Have Been Chilling Out in the Mountains, Report SaysIn other news, don’t be alarmed if you see El Chapo out and about in the next few weeks: He is a Halloween sensation. 
  19. Guards Playing Solitaire As El Chapo EscapesThis does not sound suspicious at all. 
  20. prison break
    The Tale of a Thousand El Chapo Escape TheoriesWhat if it was a dream the whole time?
  21. Authorities Find Dead Sparrow in El Chapo’s Trash CanThe bird, likely used to test air quality before the drug lord escaped, is nicknamed “Chapito.”
  22. fugitivos
    There’s a Video of El Chapo’s EscapeMexican authorities are now questioning the prison guards.
  23. Has Anyone Seen El Chapo Guzmán Today?When you have billions of dollars and lots of fans, hiding from the authorities becomes very easy. 
  24. tunnels
    El Chapo’s Tunnel Was Probably Really ExpensiveMillions of dollars expensive.