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El Salvador

  1. immigration
    New Migrant Caravan Too Far From U.S. Election to Be an EmergencyIt’s like the caravan of Fall 2018, but without the same immediate electoral stakes for Republicans.
  2. Trump Administration Ends Protection for Last Big Emergency Migrant Population86,000 Hondurans join 200,000 Salvadoreans and others from dangerous places being shown the door by the Trump administration.
  3. immigration
    Did ICE Violate a Teen Informant’s Civil Rights?Homeland Security is investigating the case of a Long Island teenager marked for deportation because of admissions he made to police to escape MS-13.
  4. immigration
    Teenage MS-13 Gang Informant Heads Into Final Asylum HearingAmong those who will testify on Henry’s behalf: His former principal, an expert witness working for free, and his FBI Gang Task Force handler.
  5. feature
    A Teen Turned Informant to Escape MS-13. Now His Life Is in Even More Danger.Henry thought that talking to the cops would help him get away from the violent gang. Now he’s caught between them and ICE.
  6. How Trump’s Immigration Proposal Could Be Trouble for DemocratsTurns out Americans are much more open to restrictions on legal immigration than they are to deporting Dreamers.
  7. The Worst Defenses of Trump’s Racist Comments on Immigration“This is how the forgotten men and women in America talk at the bar.”
  8. Dem Senator Confirms ‘Sh*thole’ Remark After Trump’s DenialSenator Dick Durbin was in the meeting where Trump said those “hate-filled things.”
  9. Trump Administration Tells Almost 200,000 Salvadorans to Leave U.S. by 2019Unless Congress acts, many long-standing residents will face the risk of deportation.
  10. international intrigue
    President Obama Wisely Decides to Cancel Field Trip to Mayan RuinsThere are enough photos of Obama sightseeing in Latin America while bombs fall in Libya.