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Election 2009

  1. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Rewards Campaign Staffers With Huge BonusesThey earned it. Right?
  2. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Shatters His Own Campaign Spending RecordWhat will $102 million get you? A third term!
  3. election 2009
    Owens Wins NY-23, For Real This TimeIt’s finally over.
  4. election 2009
    Doug Hoffman Is Still Not Giving UpHe really should.
  5. election 2009
    NY-23 Election Not Exactly Over YetDemocracy takes time!
  6. election 2009
    Democrat Bill Owens Wins NY-23Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman concedes.
  7. election 2009
    Chris Christie Elected New Jersey GovernorRepublicans are on a roll.
  8. election 2009
    Bloomberg Wins Third Term as MayorThompson kept it closer than pretty much anyone expected.
  9. election 2009
    Chris Christie Needs to Hire New Ad GuysNone of this will matter tomorrow.
  10. election 2009
    NY-23 Race Impossible to PredictSo says Nate Silver.
  11. election 2009
    Oh Snap! Moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava Endorses DemocratShe was not expected to do that, you see.
  12. election 2009
    Republican Moderate Drops Out of Upstate NY Congressional RaceThe candidate Sarah Palin snubbed bows to pressure.