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Election 2012

  1. post-mortems
    Mitt Romney’s Son Says He Never Actually Wanted to Be President So there’s no reason to feel bad for him.
  2. election 2012
    Some New Yorkers Did Actually Vote for Mitt RomneyHe almost took Trump Tower!
  3. Paul Ryan: Obama Only Won Because More People Voted for HimThe former candidate insists Republicans didn’t lose on the issues.
  4. election 2012
    Florida Election Declares Obama WinJust three days late. 
  5. election 2012
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney Campaign Was ‘Stuck in the Past’The Obama camp managed to turn Ohio blue by finding “votes that [the Romney campaign] didn’t know existed.”
  6. hurricane sandy
    New Jerseyites Can Now Vote by E-Mail and FaxThanks to Sandy. 
  7. election 2012
    Rape Comments Aside, Akin and Mourdock Are Flush With GOP MoneyRepublicans would very much like to take back the Senate.
  8. october surprises
    It Looks Like Hurricane Sandy Is the Presidential Race’s October Surprise Both President Obama and Mitt Romney have been forced to cancel campaign events, and millions may be kept from early voting locations.
  9. racial gaffes
    Sununu: Powell Endorsed Obama Because He’s BlackIt’s hard to misunderstand this gaffe.
  10. election 2012
    A Great-Sounding Obama Interview to Stay PrivateEditor says it was a disservice to voters.
  11. swing states
    Is Pennsylvania a Swing State Again?It’s starting to look like it.
  12. word games
    Is ‘Romnesia’ a True Public Health Threat, or Just Another ‘Silly Word Game’? Meanwhile, Joe Biden is worried that Paul Ryan is also afflicted. 
  13. flattery
    Ed Koch Got a Special Visit From Sheldon AdelsonWas flattery enough to move the lukewarm Obama supporter to Romney’s side? 
  14. campaign ads
    This Simpsons Animator’s Pro-Obama Video Is As Fun As Campaign Ads GetIt has bobbleheads!
  15. money primary
    Obama Campaign Says It Raised $181 Million in SeptemberUp from yesterday’s low-ball $150 million estimate.
  16. spin wars
    Mitt Romney Had a ‘Good Week’ (in RNC Chairman’s Alternate Reality)David Axelrod isn’t buying it.
  17. election 2012
    Sarah Palin Advises Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to ‘Go Rogue’Because that worked so well in 2008. 
  18. election 2012
    Romney Campaign Rethinking StrategyA referendum on Obama’s handling of it just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore.
  19. polls
    Recent Polls Moving in President Obama’s FavorIncluding, surprisingly, those on the economy.
  20. post-convention blues
    Mitt Romney Forced to Continue Talking About Clint Eastwood He also called the budget sequester, which Paul Ryan voted for, a “big mistake.”
  21. democratic national convention 2012
    Democratic Convention Word of the Day: Promise“We do have promises to keep … and, yes, we have miles to go before we sleep.”
  22. democratic national convention 2012
    Democratic Convention Word of the Day: Fight“Their fight is my fight, and it’s Barack Obama’s fight.”
  23. democratic national convention
    Democratic National Convention Phrase of the Day: ‘Middle Class’“From the middle class up, not the billionaires down.
  24. election 2012
    Chris Christie, Jimmy Fallon Duet Bruce Springsteen“Thunder Road.”
  25. exaggerations
    It Turns Out That Paul Ryan Did Not Run a Marathon in Under Three HoursAnd it matters. 
  26. election 2012
    Romney and Ryan Try to Appeal to Women in OhioMeanwhile, President Obama questioned whether they would stand in the way of a Todd Akin-esque bill.
  27. money primary
    Obama Campaign Ramps Up Fund-raising Efforts “We just can’t be drowned out. A few billionaires can’t drown out millions of voices.”
  28. stuck in the mittle
    The Obama Team Is Sticking With the Bain Attack Strategy Super-PAC Priorities USA has released another ad featuring people laid off by Mitt Romney.
  29. early and often
    Heilemann: Is Wisconsin Now a Toss-up State?After Scott Walker’s victory, it’s definitely a state where lots of money will be spent by the Romney and Obama campaigns.
  30. election 2012
    Primary Challenger Uses Orrin Hatch’s Old Tricks Against HimCall it karma.
  31. election 2012
    See the Softer Side of the GOP’s Obama-Bashing AdsRepublicans release a smarter attack ad.
  32. election 2012
    President Obama’s Reelection Campaign Is Now Officially UnderwayThe kickoff took place at Ohio State. 
  33. frank rich
    Frank Rich on Piers Morgan: Obama’s CoolnessThey look like “old fogies.”
  34. eye of newt
    Newt Is Probably Without Security Detail By NowIt was a wild ride.
  35. election 2012
    President Obama’s Reelection Campaign Is Doing Okay, Money-Wise But it could be better. 
  36. politics
    Rick Santorum Wins Big in Louisiana But the victory still doesn’t mean much. 
  37. oy vey
    Rick Santorum Got Money From ‘Jews for Jesus’Expanding his religious coalition.
  38. election 2012
    Obama Campaign to Take Advantage of the Republicans’ Women IssueCan anything useful come out of all this name-calling? 
  39. politics
    Santorum Takes Kansas; Romney Wins Everywhere ElseBasically, Saturday’s contests went as expected. 
  40. Surviving Super Tuesday Can Mitt Romney finally lock it down? 
  41. Can Mitt Romney Convince Voters His Money Is a Good Thing?For someone other than him, anyway. 
  42. wall street
    What’s Next for Dodd-Frank?The GOP says good-bye to Barney — and plans to break his bill.
  43. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich’s Immigration Plan Gets a Whole Lot Less ‘Humane’No more Mr. Nice Newt.
  44. no he cain’t
    Herman Cain Gets Secret Service Security DetailReporters and Gloria Allred to be kept at bay.
  45. stuck in the mittle
    The Mormon Church Wants to Sway You — But Not If You Live in a Primary StateNow we’ll never know who the Mormon church would endorse.
  46. no he cain’t
    Watch Herman Cain Joke Around About Anita Hill“Is she going to endorse me?”
  47. frequent flyer miles
    Perry’s Private Planes: Provided by Poultry ProducersAs well as other, non-alliterative rich people
  48. neighborhood news
    Herman Cain to Have Tea and Cocktails in ManhattanThe Cain Train pulls into station.
  49. no he cain’t
    What Can Cain’s Accuser Do With Her Statement?Herman’s bad week gets even worse.
  50. gop 2012
    The Money Metric: How GOP Candidates Are DoingEarly fund-raising figures show a slow-starting GOP field.
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