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  1. oral history
    An Oral History of Election Night 2016 at MSNBCWhat it was like to cover the news on the day that gave us the past four years.
  2. facebook
    Fake News Is an Old-People ProblemA new study shows the most fake news is shared by people older than 65.
  3. the national interest
    Why Does Trump Get More Credit Than Obama for the Same Economy?Trump’s greatest political asset is an economy doing no better than the one he inherited. Why does he benefit when Democrats didn’t?
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    Over Half a Million People Retweeted Russian PropagandaTwitter released some of the top tweets people shared from Russia-linked accounts.
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    Here’s How to Check If You Liked or Followed Russian Propaganda on FacebookA fun, totally not worrying or insane tool.
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    These Are the Bogus Ads Russia Planted on Facebook During the Election“Press ‘LIKE’ to help Jesus win!”
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    Does Even Mark Zuckerberg Know What Facebook Is?The same company that gives you birthday reminders also helped ensure the integrity of the German elections.
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    Report: Hackers Successfully Altered Voter Data in 2016 ElectionPersonal information, like partial social-security numbers, was also reportedly accessed.
  9. politics
    Inside Hillary Clinton’s Surreal Post-Election LifeWith nothing left to lose, she is finally free to really speak her mind.
  10. from the archives
    The Last Time New York Felt BlueThe mood after Bush beat Kerry, and the ways our writers thought about it.
  11. Here’s What Trump Has Said on Major Policy Issues Before and After Being ElectedA lot of his comments have since changed.
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    Despite His Best Meme Efforts, Barack Obama Won’t Let Joe Biden Prank TrumpBiden memes are the only good internet today.
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    Online Fake News Plague Infects GoogleIf you Google “election results,” the top hit is a fake-news piece about Trump winning both the electoral and popular votes.
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    A Conversation With the ‘Not Usually a Sign Guy’ GuyJim Crocamo’s Trump protest sign has officially reached meme status.
  15. How the Loyal Opposition Will Work in Trump’s AmericaWhat should Democrats in Congress — and Barack Obama, and you — do now?
  16. politics
    Rebecca Carroll and Van Jones Talk Race and the RaceIs bigotry a parking ticket or a capital offense?
  17. election 2016
    Hillary Clinton Didn’t Shatter the Glass Ceiling. This Is What Broke Instead.The coalition she thought would pierce it — and faith that it will happen — are in pieces.
  18. ‘Maybe Americans Should Know What It’s Like to Have a Dictator’A Syrian refugee on Trump’s election.
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    Freshmen at University of Pennsylvania Added to ‘N- - - - - Lynching’ Chat GroupAccording to a Facebook post from a student, every Black freshman was added to the group.
  20. My Parents Voted for Trump. And I Didn’t Try to Do Anything About It.To tell you the truth, I didn’t want to just assume that my Republican parents voted for Donald Trump.
  21. polls
    Nate Silver on What the Polls Got Wrong, and Right, About This ElectionAnd what he got wrong, and right.
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    Mother and Daughter Hikers Run Into Hillary Clinton in the Woods“I got to hug her and talk to her and tell her that one of my most proudest moments as a mother was taking Phoebe with me to vote for her.”
  23. Obama,Trump, and the Meeting That Launched a Thousand MemesThe two men spoke for over an hour in the Oval Office today.
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    Honestly, This Post Is Just Lots of Funny Junk to Make You Feel a Little BetterLet your mind wander for a bit.
  25. election 2016
    What It Felt Like to Spend Last Night in Trump CountryWith the Trump supporters I couldn’t hate.
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    Election Self-Care Tip: Turn Off Out-of-Order Sorting on Social MediaIf all those hopeful posts from yesterday are getting to you, here’s how to stop seeing them.
  27. Despite Everything, Here Are 10 Tweets That Are Genuinely Pretty FunnySometimes it’s nice to laugh.
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    The First Time I’ve Laughed Since Last NightThank you, Joe Biden.
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    This Livestream of Voters Explaining Their Vote Is Addictive and InspiringFinally, a good use of Facebook Live.
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    One Texas Town Is Producing a Lot of Wackos on Election DayOne protester dressed in a Kiss costume and a Trump mask. The other carried a sign reading “Faggots Vote Dem” and a gun.
  31. George W. Bush and Laura Bush Did Not Vote for Trump or ClintonThe former president and First Lady aren’t the only Bushes who did not vote for Donald Trump.
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    Trolls Are Sending Entire Classic Novels to Terrible Voter-Fraud SiteSomeone submitted the entirety of Moby-Dick.
  33. Trump Booed, Reminded ‘New York Hates You’ As He Enters Polling PlaceAfter weathering the jeers, he voted for himself and then checked to see if Melania did the same.
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    Will Everyone Please Stop Googling to See Who Taylor Swift Is Voting ForThere have been more searches to find out which candidate Taylor Swift is voting for than there have been for any other famous person.
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    It’s Time to Put Eric Trump in Selfie JailIt’s terrible that Eric Trump must be thrown in selfie prison for life for taking an illegal ballot selfie, but the law is clear.
  36. Hillary Clinton Makes Final Case for Candidacy: She Can Do a Mannequin ChallengeHillary Clinton and Jon Bon Jovi look like creepy wax statues in her latest ad.
  37. Clinton Campaign Extinguishes Election Night Fireworks ShowA New York City official said the the two-minute display has been called off.
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    Millennial Trump Supporter Could Do Very Convincing Draco Malfoy CosplayFirst-time voter Tom Crean explains why he voted for Donald Trump.
  39. Donald Trump on Donald Trump Mask: ‘Beautiful’“Look at this mask. Wow, that’s beautiful. Looks just like me.”
  40. Somebody Please Tell the Trump Campaign It’s Not Called a ‘Mazel Tov Cocktail’Scottie Nell Hughes decried Jay Z’s “No Church in the Wild” for its lyrics about “mazel tov cocktails.”
  41. Don’t Believe Those Memes About Texting to Vote for Hillary From HomeThe memes claim to be “paid for by Hillary for President 2016.”
  42. Who Is Florida Man Voting for? A Tampa Newspaper Found OutFlorida Man admits his preference for president.
  43. election special 2016
    Trump’s Appeasers: Charles Lindbergh Is a Cautionary Tale for RepublicansHe was a national hero, then a fascist sympathizer. History will be just as brutal to more than a few current GOP leaders.
  44. election special 2016
    Here Are All the Insane Things You’ve Probably Forgotten About Trump’s CampaignFrom conspiracy theories to the head-scratching things his supporters actually said to that incident with the vacuum-packed meat.
  45. The GOP’s Age of Authoritarianism Has Only Just BegunAnd it will not end with a Clinton presidency.
  46. The Final Days of Trump’s Unmanageable, Unrepentant, and Unprecedented CampaignHis advisers are working hard to plan out their own futures while riding out the roller-coaster end of the election.
  47. Watch Donald Trump Speak a Little Hindi in a New AdAb ki baar Trump sarkar!
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    A Fun New Meme: What Are You Planning to Do on November 9?A former U.S. congressman threatened to grab his musket on November 9 and inspired a meme.
  49. Interviews Reveal Attention-Obsessed Trump Who Hates to LoseTrump called the tapes “pretty old and pretty boring stuff.”
  50. Trump Called Clinton a ‘Great Woman,’ Among Other Nice Things, in 2008 VideoWhat a difference eight years makes.
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