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    The True Story Behind the Dumpster Fire GIF that Perfectly Sums Up This ElectionThe actual fire took place behind a fairly famous spot in Hollywood back in 2012.
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    28 Funny Tweets That Summarized the DebatePuppets, Putin, and so many pivots.
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    Trump Said ‘Bad Hombres’ and All of Twitter Responded With the Same Hair Joke“We have some bad hombres here and we’re gonna get them out.”
  4. Donald Trump Declines Snapchat Interview Because Who Needs Millennial Voters?The five-minute segment airs today on Snapchat Discover and predominantly features Hillary Clinton.
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    It Happened to Me: The Alt-Right Turned Me Into a MemeMeet Kevin, the male Hillary voter.
  6. Ken Bone and the 4 Stages of Viral FameBone’s Reddit AMA revealed some skeletons in his closet. We probably should have expected this sooner.
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    Clinton Proposes Tech Strategies: ‘Unplug the Internet or Just Look at Cat GIFs’She also pronounced “GIF” with a hard “g.”
  8. Guy Glaring at Trump During Debate Was Thinking Exactly What You Thought He WasEarlest Johnson says he’s no longer an undecided voter.
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    Here’s How the Electoral Map Would Look If Everyone Joked About Electoral MapsA fun new election meme for voters everywhere.
  10. People Are Googling Wildly Different Questions About Trump and Clinton“What did Donald Trump tweet today?” versus “When was Hillary Clinton secretary of State?”
  11. Politics Teacher Apologizes to Students for Assigning Debate Viewing As HomeworkA student found his Twitter and shared a screenshot.
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    Meet Kenneth Bone: the Red-Sweater-Wearing Star of the Presidential DebateBone asked a question about energy and a legend was born.
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    Bill Clinton’s Face Summed Up the Entire DebateBill and Chelsea Clinton made some excellent faces while watching the candidates.
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    Genius Teen Venmo’d $400 After Holding Up ‘Student Debt Sucks’ Sign on MSNBCAlbert Wu is an 18-year-old student at Washington University in St. Louis, which is hosting the second presidential debate tonight.
  15. Clinton May Be Just ‘Likable Enough’ for MillennialsThere are growing signs millennial support for Clinton may be coming along slowly but surely, and with or without “enthusiasm.”
  16. Paul Ryan Is Planning a Revolution, and It Starts in JanuaryIf Trump wins and the GOP holds the Senate, America is going to see a lot of changes, and see them quickly.
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    Who Won the Vice-Presidential Tweet Debates?Tim Kaine’s eyebrows, fact-checking, and “that Mexican thing.”
  18. Here’s What Trump Has Actually Said About the Iraq War, From the BeginningLet’s check the receipts.
  19. Obamacare Looks Like It Will Remain ‘Suboptimal’ for Quite a WhileAll the scenarios for fixing the problems with the Affordable Care Act are implausible so long as Republicans control either house of Congress.
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    Court Rules in Favor of Ballot SelfiesNew Hampshire voters can now selfie from the polls.
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    As Far As the Cyber Goes, These Are the Best Tweets From Last Night’s DebateWe came in with an internet, we came up with the internet.
  22. Donald Trump Interrupted Hillary Clinton Many, Many, Many Times at the DebateI guess he just had a lot to say.
  23. the national interest
    Donald Trump Is Winning SeptemberThe debates are Hillary Clinton’s last chance to un-normalize him.
  24. Jill Stein Responds to the ‘Spoiler’ Criticism of Her CampaignCommitted Dem voters are worried she could be a modern-day Ralph Nader.
  25. Black Lives Matter Puts Forward Major Policy PlatformThe movement makes its stand in the 2016 election.
  26. Courts Strike Blows Against Voter Suppression in Two Battleground StatesVoting “reforms” have been struck down in North Carolina and Wisconsin.
  27. New Poll Shows Big Convention Bounce for Hillary ClintonNow up six points over Trump, in a CBS survey.
  28. the national circus
    How the Media Did (and Didn’t) Fail in Covering the Rise of Donald Trump“The problem is not that the press is failing to do due diligence; the problem is that many of his [Trump’s] adherents are impervious to that diligence.”
  29. early and often
    The Clinton-Kaine Ticket Is Safe and Boring — In a Good WayKaine is getting grief from the left, and objectively, some of it is undeserved. Or all of it is, if you look at the alternative.
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    Did Wikipedia Edits Just Tip Us Off to Hillary Clinton’s VP Pick?Wikipedia users have descended on Tim Kaine’s page.
  31. People at the RNC Are Breaking Party Lines to Eat at Food TrucksBecause who doesn’t love food?
  32. donald trump
    Donald Trump Told an Incredible Lie About His Relationship With Muammar QaddafiEven by the Donald’s standards, this is quite the fib.
  33. donald trump
    Nonexistence of Trump Campaign May Be Hindering Trump CampaignAnd in a recent incident, Trump’s personality deficits collided with his campaign’s shortcomings.
  34. election 2016
    Did Hillary’s Campaign Have to Be This Hard?There’s nothing simple about this candidacy — or candidate.
  35. the national interest
    Looking to Harry Truman to Understand Hillary ClintonWhat if Hillary governs like Harry?
  36. Republicans Are Literally Burning Their Voter-Registration CardsThe GOP is going up in flames. 
  37. early and often
    America Has Never Been So Ripe for TyrannyDemocracies end when they are too democratic.
  38. election 2016
    The GOP’s House Seats Are Safe. Here’s Why.Hillary may win the presidency, but the House belongs to the GOP.
  39. 4 Times Bernie Sanders Was Ahead of the Pack on Key IssuesBernie Sanders knows how to pick them.
  40. The 5 Most Cringeworthy Celebrity Trump EndorsementsOh, Tila Tequila.
  41. Donald Trump Has the Grammar of an 11-Year-OldWhy do they dumb down the rhetoric?
  42. 1988 Was One of the Most Disastrously Insane Years in Donald Trump’s LifeIt wasn’t his best year for making deals.
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    Talking With Twinks4Trump, the Best Pro-Trump Twitter AccountA conversation with the creator of the one bright spot in this election season.
  44. timeline
    A History of Donald Trump in New York MagazineLooking back on the GOP prince’s days as an NYC clown.
  45. fact-check
    6 Debunked Statements From the GOP DebateIt wasn’t a great night for facts.
  46. your mother sucked rotten eggs
    Charles Koch ‘Spouts Off’ on the GOP RaceCharles Koch thinks Trump is intolerant — and compares himself to a baby whale.
  47. election 2016
    Carson Takes Lead in Iowa Despite Being on Book Tour All MonthBonus: Trump apologizes for his intern.
  48. the snooze in 8 headlines
    Is It Boring to Wonder Just How Boring the Democratic Debate Will Be?Will it be the least fun thing to ever happen in Las Vegas?
  49. early and often
    How Hillary Will Fend Off Sanders and BidenShe wants to charm Sanders supporters while convincing potential Biden fans that she has the race in hand.
  50. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Readies Oppo-Research to Go to War Against Joe Biden“This could be messier than Obama-Hillary ‘08.”
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