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Election Coup

  1. early and often
    Trump Trial Threatens to Blow Up Georgia Republican PartyIt’s going to be hard for the Georgia GOP to rally behind the 2024 nominee when top state officials are also testifying against him.
  2. election coup
    Why Mike Pence Is Fighting a DOJ Subpoena on January 6The former VP is known for courageously standing up to Trump on January 6, but what he did in earlier phases of the election coup is hazier.
  3. electoral count act
    Will the House Find a Way to Screw Up Electoral Reform?The Senate has come up with a fix to the law that made January 6 possible. It would be folly for the lower chamber not to accept it.
  4. election coup
    Trump’s Biggest Legal Danger Comes From GeorgiaAtlanta’s district attorney is conducting a broad-ranging criminal investigation that may ensnare the former president.
  5. early and often
    Senators Finally Strike Deal to Fix the Electoral Count ActJust in the nick of time, a bipartisan Senate group has unveiled a bill that would thwart a repeat of Trump’s January 6 coup attempt.
  6. u.s. supreme court
    Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Case That Could Gut Voting RightsOdds are good the conservative majority will confirm total legislative control of redistricting and (more alarmingly) of all election rules.
  7. early and often
    Mike Pence Doesn’t Deserve a Medal for Refusing to Lead a CoupWe should thank the former vice-president for rejecting Trump’s unconstitutional demand on January 6, 2021. But let’s not get carried away.
  8. early and often
    Senate Nears Much-Needed Deal to Stop Election CoupsA bipartisan “gang” is close to agreeing on a fix to the 1887 law at the center of the January 6 tragedy. The time is exactly right.
  9. early and often
    How Doug Mastriano’s Primary Victory Threatens the 2024 ElectionThe GOP gubernatorial nominee in Pennsylvania backed Trump’s failed election coup in 2020 and could be well positioned to help him succeed next time.
  10. early and often
    Conservative Warns Trump Coup Attempt Was ‘Dry Run’ for 2024Legal luminary J. Michael Luttig convinced Mike Pence not to join Trump’s plot. Now he says Republicans are perfecting the tactics they used in 2020.
  11. politics
    Federal Judge Says Trump ‘Likely Committed’ Felony During Coup AttemptThis doesn’t necessarily mean that Trump will be prosecuted. But it could be a landmark ruling if the ex-president ever does face legal consequences.
  12. politics
    ‘RINO’ Just Means ‘Disloyal to Trump’ NowWhat was once an ideological insult for GOP moderates and liberals is now mostly applied to Republicans who won’t buy Trump’s stolen-election myth.
  13. redistricting
    The Ominous Elections News From Democrats’ Supreme Court WinThe Court’s conservative majority is getting close to an endorsement of the “independent state legislature” doctrine that Trump touted in 2020.
  14. politics
    Trump-Backed Secretaries of State Could Flip the 2024 ElectionSecretaries of state in a number of states helped block Trump’s attempted election coup in 2020. He’s working to change that if he runs again.
  15. election coup
    Could Trump’s Fake Electors Be Charged With a Crime?The Feds are reportedly looking into holding either fake electors or their Team Trump coordinators liable for the plot to overturn election results.
  16. rudy giuliani
    You’re Not Crazy, Rudy Giuliani Actually Went on The Masked SingerThis might be worse than his prior star turn at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.
  17. election coup
    The Election Law Central to January 6 Might Actually Get FixedBoth Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are “open” to reform of the Electoral Count Act.
  18. politics
    Never Mind the Facts. Trump Fans Feel Like a MajorityWhen you’ve been convinced polls are fake and actual elections are rigged, it is easy to confuse visible signs of enthusiasm as a ticket to power.
  19. politics
    A Plan to Fix the Electoral Count Act Is Taking ShapeWith more Trump-fueled mischief expected, a bipartisan group of senators is trying to head off future electoral coups.
  20. january 6
    What Will It Take to Stop a 2024 Election Coup?A warning from election-law expert Rick Hasen suggests options for stopping state legislatures from stealing electoral votes may be limited.
  21. january 6
    Trump’s January 6 Strategy Was All About Mike PenceIn the last year, it’s only become clearer that Pence was Plan A for stealing the election, and Trump kept pressuring him to the bitter end.
  22. 2024 vision
    Democrats Need a Three-Year Plan to Save DemocracyThat means largely abandoning hope for 2022 and preparing to do battle at Armageddon with Trump in 2024.
  23. big lie
    Trump Goes Global With Big Lie Litmus TestForeign leaders like former Israeli prime minister Bibi Netanyahu are being cast as enemies for recognizing the 2020 election results.
  24. past is prologue
    Cheer Up, Democrats! You’ve Had It Worse Than This.The Democratic Party has a lot of problems, but it’s faced similarly sticky situations before and survived.
  25. 2022 midterms
    Louie Gohmert Joins Wild Texas Attorney General RaceThe MAGA representative will challenge Trump-endorsed Ken Paxton and George P. Bush in a race that shows the importance of state offices.
  26. politics
    Freedom Caucus Troublemakers Are Poised for a ComebackIf Republicans retake the House in 2022, the caucus could return to its insubordinate ways — fueled this time by loyalty to Trump, not conservatism.
  27. 2022 midterms
    Raffensperger Fears Future Election Violence, Can’t Stick Around to Thwart ItThe 45th president’s least favorite Republican official is fighting very high odds against his renomination by the Trumpy Georgia GOP.
  28. vision 2024
    Most Republicans Already Say They Can’t Lose in 2024 Unless the Vote Is RiggedIt’s bad enough that Republicans believe Trump’s Big Lie. It’s worse that they believe the bigger lie that he couldn’t — and can’t — lose.
  29. politics
    Trump Can’t Lose in the Virginia Governor’s RaceThe 45th president can spin both a Democratic and a Republican win as reinforcing his indispensability. And the same will be true in 2022.
  30. politics
    Audit Fever Is Now Spreading to States Trump Easily WonTrump supporters are skeptical about the integrity of our elections, and they’re starting to devour their own.
  31. politics
    Kamala Harris Shouldn’t Have to Save the 2024 ElectionIf Congress fixes the Electoral Count Act now, it could reduce the odds of the vice president needing to assert powers she may not really have.
  32. politics
    The Vice-President Who Saved Democracy on January 6 Was … Dan Quayle?Mike Pence has been hailed for resisting Trump’s calls to reject Biden votes. But a new book says the coup was thwarted by an even less likely hero.
  33. 2022 midterms
    Raffensperger Struggles to Get Back His MAGA Street CredUnlike Brian Kemp, Raffensperger doesn’t have the political capital or luck in opponents to survive a Trumpian purge with right-wing posturing.
  34. politics
    Trump Nearly Enlisted the Justice Department in His Coup SchemeA high-ranking DOJ official wanted to urge GOP legislators to steal Biden’s win, but colleagues rebuffed him. Next time we might not be so lucky.
  35. election coup
    Did Trump Really Claim Victory on Election Night on a Whim?The idea of declaring victory based only on the in-person vote was telegraphed for months. Now, Trump insiders claim it was somehow impulsive.
  36. politics
    Congress Must Act Now to Stop the Next Election CoupA quick fix of the Electoral Count Act might get the crucial Republican support that voting-rights legislation failed to secure.
  37. voting rights
    Justice Department Sues to Stop Georgia Voting LawWith Republicans filibustering voting-rights legislation in Congress, the Justice Department is using litigation to go after Georgia’s notorious law.
  38. politics
    Trump Tried to Force DOJ to Back His 2020 Election CoupLong after the 2020 election was decided, Trump relentlessly used all the mechanisms available to the executive branch to overturn his loss.
  39. 2022 midterms
    Georgia Republicans Forgo 2022 Prep to Bicker Over PastThe GOP State Convention was a chance to pull together before a pivotal midterm election, but Georgia Republicans are still divided over Trump’s lies.
  40. maga
    Election ‘Audit’ Fever Spreads Beyond ArizonaFrom New Hampshire to Wisconsin and even California, recounts are being used to supposedly vindicate Trump and justify voter suppression.
  41. maga
    Are Republicans Finally Standing Up to the Proud Boys?Mainstream Republicans are demanding an investigation into Proud Boy influence in the Nevada GOP that could bring down the state party leadership.
  42. republicans
    The Future Could Actually Be Bright for RepublicansThe GOP comeback will likely begin with retaking the House in 2022, then probably the Senate, and maybe the presidency.
  43. republicans
    Georgia Republicans See Disastrous Election Cycle As Something to Brag AboutIn their deluded minds, they believe losing Georgia to Biden and the Senate to Democrats were victories stolen by their own secretary of state.
  44. maga
    Trump’s GOP Enemies Try 3 Strategies for SurvivalPaul Ryan, Mitt Romney, and Brian Kemp exhibit different ways Republican politicians are dealing with the Boss’s disdain.
  45. voting by mail
    Making Voting More Convenient May Help Democrats After AllCensus data shows that Democratic-leaning younger voters benefited from more flexible voting arrangements in 2020.
  46. 2022 midterm
    Loeffler Begs for Trump’s Attention by Attacking RaffenspergerThe former senator has called for a ridiculous “investigation” of the GOP secretary of state who wouldn’t back Trump’s election coup.
  47. vision 2020
    Arizona Republicans Want to Keep Recounting 2020 Vote Until Trump WinsA bizarre post-postelection audit ordered by the Arizona state senate and conducted by a MAGA-adjacent firm shows 2020 may never end for Trump fans.
  48. georgia election law
    Can Suppressing Votes Save Brian Kemp?Kemp is using Georgia’s new election law to heal a breach with Trump-loving conservatives but so far has drawn only a gadfly primary opponent.
  49. election coup
    Will Republicans Try Another Election Coup in 2024?Jonathan Last argues that 2020 could have been a dress rehearsal, and that a 2022 purge by Trump could make it work next time.
  50. voting rights
    What Is the Republican Party’s Position on Voting Rights?The implicit GOP position is to defer to states and localities — so far as their decisions help Republicans.
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