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Election Fraud

  1. trump indictment
    The Looming Hidden Cost of Georgia’s Trump IndictmentWhat Fani Willis’s love of RICO prosecutions could mean for the justice system.
  2. conspiracizing
    The MyPillow Guy Has Been Quietly Bankrolling the Election-Denier MovementMike Lindell is almost single-handedly propping up the conservative-media ecosystem alleging that voting machines were hacked in 2020.
  3. early and often
    Men in Tactical Gear Have Been Monitoring Ballot Drop Boxes in ArizonaAs the state’s Republican candidates embrace debunked election-fraud claims, Arizona voters have reported being watched and photographed.
  4. 2022 midterms
    Republicans May Have Sabotaged Their Best Chance to Beat WhitmerFive GOP candidates for governor in Michigan — including the top two contenders — faked signatures to get their names on the ballot.
  5. politics
    So Rudy Giuliani Was the Adult in the Room?Trump reportedly considered an executive order that would have sent troops to seize voting machines in late 2020, but Giuliani talked him out of it.
  6. big lie
    Trump Says Republicans Must Solve the Big Lie or Their Voters Won’t VoteIt’s unclear how Trump’s phony fraud incidents can be solved by a party that opposes federal election legislation. But it keeps the focus on himself.
  7. georgia
    GA Official Warns of Trump’s Election Fraud Claims: ‘Someone’s Gonna Get Killed’The administrator overseeing the recount in Georgia urged Trump to stop promoting election conspiracies before his messaging results in tragedy.
  8. contested election
    Even Bill Barr Is Contradicting Trump on Election FraudThis is another blow to Trump’s flagging efforts to contest his defeat.
  9. contested election
    Trump’s Hold on the GOP Rank and File Continues to Be AmazingHe convinced millions to vote in person, then convinced millions more than the partisan split in voting methods he engineered proves massive fraud.
  10. vision 2020
    Trump’s Two-Pronged Strategy to Demonize Voting by MailTrump hopes to keep Republicans from voting by mail, in which a lot of ballots are invalidated, while undermining the credibility of a Democratic win.
  11. vision 2020
    What the Constitution Says About Trump’s Suggestion to Delay the ElectionTrump has no power to postpone an election, and even Congress can’t extend his term beyond January 20.
  12. vision 2020
    Odds of a Contested November Election Are on the RiseIf COVID-19 continues to overshadow the general election, it could be held under circumstances where one party or the other won’t accept the results.
  13. vision 2020
    Jerry Falwell Jr. Wants to Extend Trump’s Term by Two Years As ‘Reparations’Trump retweeted the suggestion, adding to fears that he and his fans may dismiss any 2020 defeat as a “coup.”
  14. election fraud
    GOP Finally Has Documented Case of Election Fraud — Committed by RepublicansThe GOP pushes voter suppression to fight imaginary fraud, but that wouldn’t have stopped Republicans accused of tainting a North Carolina House race.
  15. early and too often
    Iowa Woman Arrested After Voting for Trump Twice Because the ‘Polls are Rigged’She was worried that her first vote would be stolen for Clinton.
  16. What the New James O’Keefe Videos Show and What They Don’tThe allegedly game-changing videos of Democratic operatives talking big about dubious tactics fall short of proving illegal behavior.