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Election Hair Of The Dog

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    New Administration Already Tackling Afghanistan, Which Is Already ResistingBy picking Robert Gates for Defense secretary, Obama has given himself the power to start preparing his Afghanistan strategy before he even gets into office.
  2. election hair of the dog
    Obama to Roll Out Economic Team and Plans TodayHe may keep the Bush tax cuts until 2010, he’ll probably expand his recovery plan, and he wants it all on day one.
  3. election hair of the dog
    Janet Napolitano to Head Homeland SecurityYet another Obama-administration appointment!
  4. election hair of the dog
    Obama’s Really Important DecisionsYou think picking secretary of State is hard? Try choosing a school, church, chef, or dog!
  5. election hair of the dog
    Tom Daschle Tapped As Health and Human Services SecretaryThe job has been offered and accepted, according to reports.
  6. election hair of the dog
    The Road to a Clinton Secretary of State Is Smooth, BumpyThere are (almost) conflicting reports out today about Hillary Clinton’s road to the State Department.
  7. election hair of the dog
    Obama’s Attorney General Tap: First African-American to Run Justice Department?Clinton deputy attorney general Eric Holder, a high-powered Washington lawyer, will take the post, according to ‘Newsweek.’
  8. election hair of the dog
    Obama Interview Shatters ‘60 Minutes’ RecordAmerica is not the only aging warhorse he’s going to save.
  9. Greg Craig to Continue to Make Us Sweat As Obama White House CounselSeriously, his hair has magical powers.
  10. election hair of the dog
    Chris Smith on Hillary, Paterson, and Who’s NextIf Clinton does indeed take the secretary of State post, what happens here in New York State?
  11. election hair of the dog
    Obama Advisers Pushing Hillary Clinton for Secretary of StateThe transition team confirms that her name is high on the list for the post, and that Obama has discussed it in meetings.
  12. election hair of the dog
    Dick Cheney and Joe Biden to Have Less Historic, Still-Awkward House Tour TodayA few days after Barack Obama and George Bush had their very important first post-election meeting, the once and future vice-presidents will get together today.
  13. election hair of the dog
    Sarah Palin Not the Only Republican Readying for 2012?Mike Huckabee and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal are already planning trips to Iowa.
  14. election hair of the dog
    Bush and Obama Play ‘He Said, He Said’Only a teenage girl could follow the ins and outs of this one.
  15. Sarah Palin Will ‘Plow Through That Door’ in 2012If God opens a door, even just a crack to see who is on the other side, with the little chain lock still engaged, well, she’ll bust on through.
  16. election hair of the dog
    So What Radical Treats Does Obama Have in Store for January 21?Gitmo and stem cells and SCHIP, oh my!
  17. election hair of the dog
    William Kristol Eyeing Role As Palin PNAC Puppetmaster?The Website for Kristol’s Project for the New American Century has winked back to life. What does this mean?