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Election Hangover

  1. election hangover
    Man Fights for His Right to Call Romney a RacistShowers has already spent more than three weeks in jail, and he’s facing more time. 
  2. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney to Work for Son Part-TimeWomp.
  3. election hangover
    NYC Still Counting Ballots From 2012 ElectionMore than 400 ballots just turned up.
  4. the war on women
    Male Republican Congressman Just Won’t Let ‘Legitimate Rape’ GoTodd Akin, he says, “was partly right.”
  5. election hangover
    Obama Presidency Validated by Contents of Funny Little BoxesThe electoral votes were counted today.
  6. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Rejoins Board of Company Founded by Man He’s Named AfterThe Romneys and Marriotts are old family pals.
  7. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Welcomed to White House by Heckler, White Turkey ChiliHe also shook hands awkwardly with the president.
  8. stuck in the mittle
    Six Things Mitt Romney Should Avoid Saying at the White House TomorrowThe gaffe potential has never been higher.
  9. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Has Gone WildOr maybe it’s just his eyes and hair.
  10. stuck in the mittle
    Mitt Romney Is Really Letting Himself GoHe’s pumping his own gas and his hair is a mess.
  11. election hangover
    Matt Damon Will Not Humiliate Himself for New York’s Amusement After AllHe was going to wear a Yankees hat if New Yorkers voted for the Working Families Party.
  12. election hangover
    A Majority of Americans Don’t Know the Results of the Historic Election That Just Took PlaceIt’s not like it was a big news story or anything.
  13. election hangover
    Lisa Murkowski Wins Alaskan Spelling BeeWhat kind of Senator will she be now?
  14. photo op
    This Is Not a Murkowski MisspellingOne Alaskan voted “Bite Me” for Senate.
  15. early and often
    Bi-partisan Commission Calls for Cuts in Spending and Increased Taxes to Lower Federal DebtThe proposal calls for cuts in domestic and military spending, curbing Social Security benefits, and increasing the payroll tax.
  16. election hangover
    Upper East Siders Are Very Giving PeopleOut of all the zip codes in the country, 10021 donated the most money to political campaigns this year.
  17. ballsy
    Nancy Pelosi: GOP ‘Had to Stop Me, Because I’m Effective’“I’m one of the most effective fundraisers that the Congress has had.”
  18. election hangover
    Nancy Pelosi Is Running for House Minority LeaderUndaunted, this one.
  19. wall street
    Morgan Stanley to Washington: It Doesn’t Feel So Good to Be Reviled, Does It?Tag, you’re it.
  20. election hangover
    Obama Pretty Sure His Policies Aren’t the ProblemIt was explaining them.
  21. election hangover
    Rasmussen Was Off on One Poll by 40 PointsNate Silver ranks the pollsters.
  22. election hangover
    Republican Anger Over Cost of Obama’s Trip to India Will Not Be Stopped by FactsWhat are facts, anyway?
  23. election hangover
    Nancy Pelosi Will Not Go Gentle Into That Good NightThe speaker of the House is putting out feelers among Democrats. Would they support her as minority leader?
  24. election hangover
    Andrew Cuomo Not in the Biggest Rush to Return Carl Paladino’s Phone CallsWas it something he said?
  25. election hangover
    Sarah Palin Channels Ronald Reagan in Spastic Post-Election VideoIt’s morning in America, again.
  26. election hangover
    Meet Your Zombie Elected OfficialsFour dead people won their state or local elections on Tuesday.
  27. election hangover
    Green Party’s Howie Hawkins Is the Champion Third-Party Gubernatorial CandidateJimmy McMillan came in two spots behind him.
  28. election hangover
    The Real Winners and Losers of the 2010 ElectionFrom pot and bartering to the tea party and Bill Clinton.
  29. election hangover
    358,069 People Voted for Alvin GreeneThat’s more votes than Sharron Angle, Joe Manchin, or Blanche Lincoln.
  30. election hangover
    Chuck Schumer Will Let Harry Reid Keep His Terrible JobHe will indefinitely defer his dream of becoming majority leader.
  31. election hangover
    Joe the Plumber Is HornyAnd we try to help him find a nice gal friend.
  32. election hangover
    Supreme Court Stays Out of This ElectionThey declined to hear a moderately hyped case over his citizenship today.
  33. election hangover
    Obama Did Not Have Relations With That ZuneHe’s been forced to address his appalling lack of iPod.
  34. election hangover
    The Bushes Bought a Pretty Home in DallasThink they’ll have to start walking Barney and Miss Beazley themselves now?
  35. election hangover
    Are Obama’s Personal Tastes — Gasp — Not Highbrow?He has a zune, he reads ‘USA Today,’ he has an old-school BlackBerry. What next, he watches TV shows in real time?
  36. election hangover
    That Hillary Clinton Campaign Debt: Still NaggingShe’s still $7.5 million in the can.
  37. election hangover
    Saxby Chambliss Wins in Georgia, Senate Dems Won’t Reach 60-Seat MajorityDemocrats are sad, but Matt Drudge may need to be sedated.
  38. election hangover
    Joe Biden Still Has the Hots for Sarah PalinHe strayed from his prepared remarks at a governors conference today to beg her to hang out with him. Sort of.
  39. early and awesome
    Is It Us, or Was It Cuter When It Was Obama?New posters of Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris look awful familiar.
  40. election hangover
    New Attorney General Eric Holder Will Serve Barack ObamaOn the basketball court.
  41. election hangover
    Sarah Palin to Save the South for RepublicansShe’s going to fight for Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss in the Georgia Senate runoff.
  42. early and often
    Is It Time for a Tom Suozzi Comeback?The Washington ‘Post’ picks him as the odds-on favorite to replace Hillary Clinton in the Senate. It’s time for a walk down memory lane…
  43. election hangover
    Joe the Plumber Already Reduced to Low-Budget TV CommercialsJoe the Plumber, who rose to fame during the 2008 election, is ruining a once-promising career as a person who’s famous for being famous.
  44. election hangover
    Trig Palin Is No. 5 on the ‘Details’ Power 40 ListThat puts the little tot above Tom Cruise, David Plouffe, and John Mayer.
  45. election hangover
    MoveOn Up to the Upper West SideWhat happens when political activists get together? ‘It was like a co-op tenants’ meeting,’ said one attendee.
  46. election hangover
    Tim Geithner Likely Treasury Pick, Say ReportsAndrea Mitchell at NBC is reporting that Obama is (finally) going to roll out picks for his economic team on Monday.
  47. election hangover
    Obama’s Antiquated Cell Phone Breach!Verizon has confessed that some rogue employees were accessing the President-elect’s ‘simple voice flip-phone’ records.
  48. election hangover
    Can Barack Obama Hang On to His Youth Coalition?We talked to some polling experts to see what they think.
  49. election hangover
    Hillary Clinton Is That FriendYou know, the one that you trust and whose advice you need, but who can’t keep her effing mouth shut?
  50. election hangover
    Joe the Plumber Gets Book DealDo you feel like you are going to barf? Wait till you hear the title.
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