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Election Night

  1. moms for liberty
    The Anti-Trans Backlash Failed Last NightMoms for Liberty’s results are a decidedly mixed bag.
  2. our mayor
    Zero Bond Is Eric Adams’s Headquarters NowLiterally anything could happen under this nightlife mayor.
  3. precedents
    America Has Had Relatively Few Post-Election Riots. So Far.A little in 1968, more in 1896.
  4. vision 2020
    Will Anyone Possibly Be Able to Call the Presidential Race on Election Night?Why you should be extra-skeptical of pundits (and the president) making declarations on November 3.
  5. vision 2020
    Social-Media Platforms Will Discourage Premature Election Victory ClaimsWhat Twitter and Facebook are doing should be emulated and expanded by all broadcast and cable networks before Election Night.
  6. vision 2020
    Why Trump Could Have an Election Night Lead in Blue StatesWhether or not Trump clams victory based on convincing his supporters to vote on Election Day rather than by mail, the early returns may look weird.
  7. vision 2020
    How Trump Is Trying to Ensure an Early Election Night LeadTrump’s demonization of voting by mail has convinced his fans to vote in person, which could skew the early returns and lead to a contested election.
  8. vision 2020
    Trump Says Voting by Mail is Evil — Except in FloridaTrump executes a selective reversal by suggesting that voting by mail in Florida — but not in other states — is just fine.
  9. vision 2020
    Trump’s Two-Pronged Strategy to Demonize Voting by MailTrump hopes to keep Republicans from voting by mail, in which a lot of ballots are invalidated, while undermining the credibility of a Democratic win.
  10. vision 2020
    Why 2020 Is Not Just Another 2016Democrats can be forgiven for a superstitious fear of a Trump comeback. But the real threat may not emerge until the polls close.
  11. elections
    Why ‘Election Night’ Is an Outdated and Dangerous Relic of the PastMore and more, the traditional media-driven drama of single-day voting and vote counting is out of line with reality. And that’s bad for democracy.
  12. anchors under the influence
    Diane Sawyer Knows You Think She Was Drunk Last NightWink.
  13. Obama Also Won Election Night MemesCats, mustaches, and Joan Rivers.
  14. election night
    Gay Marriage, Legal Pot Lead Liberal-Pleasing Election Night [Updated]But not every lefty cause won.
  15. election night
    Donald Trump Wins Election Night’s ‘Most Unhinged Conservative’ AwardHe is not good at staying calm or counting.
  16. media
    Q&A With Bob Hardt, NY1 Political Director and Hurricane Sandy Live BloggerHe’s got a foot in both the nation’s big stories.
  17. cable news news
    Hoping for Holograms: Networks Prep Election-Night GadgetsThe future is tomorrow.
  18. election night
    How Do Networks Decide to Call an Election?NBC’s Shelly Gawiser explains it all for you.
  19. election hangover
    Terrorist Fist-Jabs Backstage on Obama Victory NightA new set of adorable photos may have a sinister undertone. Okay, just kidding.